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Coercive politics of ‪#‎Aadhaar‬ and GOI , affecting scholarships #UID

March 6th, 2014- Kamayani Bali Mahabal aka Kractivist What could be the unholy nexus between National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).  and The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)   ? On the face of it nothing , UIDAI is trying to give Indians a supposedly unique identity and NSDC is giving skilled labour and jobs. So whats wrong here ? What happens when Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations and Nandan Nilekani‘s UID Number/Aadhaar project come together , they fool people under the garb of technological revolution , the unholy nexus snatches away the basic human rights . Both have started with a  facade of being voluntary on paper  but  functionally  are mandatory. How did the unholy nexus begin ? In 2008 , The Govt of India embarked upon an ambitious program , to create an institutional base for skill development in India at the national level, a “Coordinated Action on Skill Development” with  three tier institutional structure consisting – of the PM’s National Council on Skill Development, the National Skill Development Coordination Board (NSDCB) and the NSDC, which was set up as a joint venture between the government and industry lobbies to help the sector meet an acute shortage of skilled workers by providing training to millions of youngsters. It does so by partnering with vocational education centres across the country.   In 2009 the UIDAI  was established – a mammoth technology project under Nandan Nilekani, wherein the government services were to be provided, tracked and accounted for along with enabling a multitude of private sector products and services that rely on accurate and positive identification of consumers.However, the project itself is less about technology, and more about the politics and processes of providing every Indian with a Unique ID.How can Aadhaar be deemed ‘voluntary’ if service delivery is being made dependent on it? The UID project has been termed llegal and unconstitutional. As the two projects began with teething problems, in 2011  the UIDAI   signed a memorandum of understanding with NSDC  to create a pool of 300,000  trained workers for enrollment agencies of Aadhaar. According to the MOU, Enrolment agencies (of the UID) which were facing  the challenge of getting good quality manpower  adequately trained in the Aadhaar enrolment process and conversant with local language to work locally., will be provided by  NSDC through its partners . The plan was to address this challenge by developing a pool of adequately skilled and certified manpower.   How did  the coercion begin ?   NSDC claims that National Skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme encourages youth to voluntarily enroll in institutions by providing them an incentive of Rs 10,000 to undergo training. But really, is this voluntary ? No way, the coerrcive element is the criteria to have an aadhaar card . The scheme that is branded as  STAR  (Standard Training Assessment and Reward) aims to encourage  skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programmes, clearly under elegibility criteria states , you should have aadhaar So if you want  skill development , get aadhaar , If there is No aadhaar, there  is no rewards no skill development and no jobs . The NSDC site informs . http://nscsindia.org/FAQ.aspx   At the time of registration, it is desirable that the trainee shares the Aadhar number with the Training partner. In case the Aadhar number is not available at the time of registration, it is mandatory to share the mobile number. While the trainee can undergo training without an Aadhar number, certificate generation and monetary award is not possible without the Aadhar number. The trainee must get an Aandhar number before assessment and certification is completed. The Training Provider may support the trainee in the creation of the Aadhar number before training completion..   Both work hand- in-glove . Both UID and NSDC Star Scholarship are nothing but scratching each others back, getting their targets fulfilled , at the expense of violating privacy rights of the people . After the Supreme  Court  interim order  that… Continue Reading →

Press Release- Indian Ministry of Petroleum, Home & 3 State Govts disobeying SC order on #aadhaar #UID #mustread

Press Release illegal biometric identification must be stopped; UK, USA, Australia, France, China have done so Supreme Court to hear controversial UID case on October 8 October 8, 2013: In compliance with the order of Supreme Court bench comprising of Justice… Continue Reading →

#India -Government must scrap dubious UID scheme #aadhar #saynotouid

By The New Indian Express Published: 24th September 2013     In what could prove to be a major embarrassment to prime minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the Supreme Court on Monday put a big question mark… Continue Reading →

#India – Delhi hit by massive , Aadhaar card, poll scam #UID #Aadhar

  Wednesday, August,14 2013 –   NEW DELHI: The office of the Delhi Chief Election Commissioner has uncovered a massive electoral scam involving the use of forged documents to obtain voter identity cards for suspected Bangladesh nationals, 13 lakh bogus voters… Continue Reading →

Statement -Illegal Enrollment center for DJA #Biometric #UID #Aadhaar

Press Council of India (PCI)’s Norms of Journalistic Conduct refers to Press “As a custodian of public interest”. The enrollment shivir of Delhi Journalists Association (DJA) and Indraprastha Press Club of India with support from Indian Medical Association (IMA) for biometric Unique Identification (UID)/Aadhaar number… Continue Reading →

#India – 1 Aadhaar Card generates 30 Voter Cards #UID #WTFnews

  Thursday, 08 August 2013 | Pramod Kumar Singh | New Delhi   Despite the Delhi State Election Commission cracking down on bogus voters and deleting over 12 lakh fake names from the voters’ list, 30 residents of Seelampur got… Continue Reading →

#India – UID -Card or number? Crow or cuckoo?

The Statesman 26 Jul 2013 Usha Ramanathan Four years into the UID project, on 31 January 2013, Ministers in the Central Cabinet were asking, what is the UID? A card? A number? Or both? There has been much perplexed questioning… Continue Reading →

#India – Aadhaar Unmasked ~ Making a business out of government data #UID

  The Statesman,    Usha Ramanathan Nandan Nilekani was appointed as Chairperson of the UIDAI on 2 July 2009. In an extraordinary gesture, he was simultaneously, and in addition, given the rank of Cabinet Minister. This gave him the status,… Continue Reading →

#Aadhaar Unmasked ~ When Parliament spoke on the #UID

The Statesman 13 Jul 2013 Usha Ramanathan Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance dismissed with scathing comments an attempt by the Manmohan Singh government to give the UIDAI project the sanction of law. No effort has been made to remedy this… Continue Reading →

#India – What we (DON’T ) know about the companies #UID

Usha Ramanathan In July 2010, UIDAI announced names of the companies that had been selected to implement the core biometric identification system. These companies would design, supply, install, commission, maintain and support the “multi-modal Automatic Biometric Identification System and multimodal… Continue Reading →

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