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Hanging the hashtag #Censorship #FOE #FOS #internetfreedom

Abhijit Majumder, Hindustan Times August 28, 2012   And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that ye be not troubled – Jesus Christ It is embarrassing now, and after a few years, it may be even… Continue Reading →

TATADOCOMO #censorship on wordpress- step by step guide #FOE

So how is the censorship of TATA working on wordpress blogs, for last one week for me . I do not know If   I was lucky to leave my wordpress.blog,  logged on my laptop hence  I can pen the… Continue Reading →

I India- s the govt caught in the ‘censorship’ web?

We have seen a raging controversy around the government decision over the last week to ten days to block a few hundred web pages and some Twitter handles. After many protests, the government insisted that it had only clamped down… Continue Reading →

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