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Open letter to Meryl Streep and Frieda Pinto on #Indiasdaughter #Vaw

March8th, 2015 Dear Meryl Streep and Frieda Pinto Happy International Womens Day !!   I am writing to you to ask you why are you supporting  the patriarchal “Daughters of India” campaign ?   Historically patriarchy has sought to enslave women in roles of motherhood, sisterhood, and daughterhood as ways of legitimising the restrictions put upon them. If  a  Campaign to stop violence against women is meant to bring about change continues to work within the patriarchal framework it seeks to annihilate, it defeats its own purpose. Isnt it ?   The anti rape movement after the decemeber gang rape in 2012 was a large spontaneous upsurge,  which was very creatively  mobilised with students, activistsm feminists together . It systematically challenged and rejected the patriarchal protectionism that only offers “daughters”“wives or sisters  protection in that capacity rather than as human beings who  assert themselves and resist attacks on their bodies and rights. The  movement evolved and raised the demand for ‘unconditional freedom for women’. Some of the popular slogans during the protest following the December 16, 2012 rape were, “We want freedom from fathers and brothers”. The protesters said, “Don’t call us ‘daughters’ and offer us ‘safety’ in exchange for freedom.” The title of the documentary does not reflect this quest for autonomy.  India’s Daughter actually locates the ugly rape culture mindset in the rapists and their defence lawyers, it does not show how the same mindset is shared by those who are within the legal and judicial system . The anti rape movement also  rejected voices that were ready to imprison and control women and girls under the garb of ‘safety’, instead of ensuring their freedom as equal participants in society and their right to a life free of perpetual threats of sexual assault, both inside and outside their homes.   The students came out with posters saying, ‘don’t teach us how to dress – teach men not to rape’ and others saying, ‘your gaze is the problem so why should I cover myself up’. This anger had clearly stopped being about this one rape case and punishment.Now this was  not being directed at the one incident, it was actually raising larger questions about why a woman is put in the dock every time there is a case of sexual violence and why is there a discussion on what she could have done to avoid it. The discourse was out of this comfort zone of patriarchy. So it was important to realise that it was not enough to oppose rape but to oppose it in ways that challenge rather than reassure patriarchy. Sexual assault occurs with frightening regularity in the world… Continue Reading →

The Splash: What keeps the Narendra Modi marketing machine ticking?

A top Modi aide says that the idea is that constant exposure to the quiet yet prominent logo will help it seep into the subconscious of the voters. Written by Archna Shukla | May 1, 2014 10:49 am   The giant marketing… Continue Reading →

The Resistible Rise of Narendra Modi

Economic & Political Weekly, Vol – XLIX No. 18, May 03, 2014 | Sumanta Banerjee Commentary A rereading of Bertolt Brecht‘s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (1941) and Sinclair Lewis‘s It Can’t Happen Here (1935) is helpful in understanding the social… Continue Reading →

#Abkibaarmodisarkar- If you cant make it, Fake it #NOMOre_2014

How much does “Ab ki baar modi sarkar” & “Har haath shakti, har haath taraki” cost? BY: NITIN PRATAP SINGH, on facebook In the last few days where ever i have gone i have been bombarded with two slogans from all… Continue Reading →

BJP’s advertisement plan may cost a whopping Rs.5,000 cr

  Himani Chandna Gurtoo, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, April 13, 2014     First Published: 00:19 IST(13/4/2014) | Last Updated: 13:20 IST(13/4/2014)   Pick up any newspaper, switch on any TV channel, drive down any main street or tune into any… Continue Reading →

BJP Party Anthem dupes Singer Sukhwinder Singh #Feku #NOMOre_2014

New Delhi: Singer Sukhwinder Singh, who has sung ‘Main Desh Nahi Jukhne Doonga’, which was recently launched as BJP‘s party anthem, says he accepted the offer as he was told it was a patriotic song meant to be used in a… Continue Reading →

चमकेगी खूनी तलवार ! अबकी बार मोदी सरकार !! #NOMOre_2014

पाकिट से सब पैसा झाड़ ! अबकी बार मोदी सरकार !! चुकता कर दे सभी उधार ! अबकी बार मोदी सरकार !! गुंडे मवाली सिपहसालार ! अगर आयी मोदी सरकार !! खूब करेंगे भ्रष्टाचार ! अबकी बार मोदी सरकार !!… Continue Reading →

India Against Constipation- Election #Videos #Humor

  Aisa Hi Hoga… Buzurgon Ka Tiraskaar… Ab Ki Baar… Agar Aa Gayi .. Bhondi Sarkaar … ! Bina Team Ka Captain… Karega Bantadhaar… Ab Ki Baar… Agar Aa Gayi .. Bhondi Sarkaar … ! Pehle Rajya Bika… Desh Bik… Continue Reading →

After Azamgarh girls, now Metro Man Sreedharan featured in Modi ad

12 Feb 2014 03:02 PM, IST BJP ad featuring Sreedharan   By Mumtaz Alam, India Tomorrow, New Delhi, 12 Feb 2014: Around four years have passed since the Muslim girls of Azamgarh were presented as Gujarati Muslims in full-page newspaper… Continue Reading →

Letter from Prashant Rahi from Nagpur prison on Torture, and Appeal for Campaign Against UAPA

By Prashant Rahi Authors note: ALL QUERIES ABOUT MY LEGAL ISSUES AND NEEDS BE DIRECTED TO MY ADVOCATE SHIV PRASAD SINGH, WHO IS AVAILABLE AT : Tel. +918303481839; Email : [email protected] – PRASHANT RAHI Dated : January 07, 2014 Dear friends,… Continue Reading →

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