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U.N. Probes Canada’s Neglect of Aboriginal Women #Vaw

By Sally Armstrong WeNews guest author Sunday, March 9, 2014 The first CEDAW investigation in a developed country is a “big black eye for Canada,” says one activist. The findings may not produce government action, but can stir activism, says… Continue Reading →

Canada: Violence Against Indigenous Women #Vaw

Set National Inquiry, Investigate Police Misconduct January 31, 2014 (Ottawa) – The Canadian government should set up an independent national inquiry into the violence experienced by indigenous women and girls and create a system for greater accountability for police misconduct,… Continue Reading →

Sex Work no longer crime in Canada #goodnews #womenrights

Supreme Court strikes down Canada‘s prostitution laws Parliament has 1 year to bring in new law as Criminal Code provisions remain in place CBC News Posted: Dec 20, 2013 9:53 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 20, 2013 10:40 PM ET Prostitution laws… Continue Reading →

Canada needs to recognize caste-based oppression as a form of Racism

by GURPREET SINGH on OCT 26, 2013 at 11:16 AM The Dalits, also known as Untouchables, continue facing discrimination in India and in Canada. NATIONAL CAMPAIGN ON DALIT HUMAN RIGHTS IT IS HIGH time that Canada, which claims to be a leader in human rights, follow… Continue Reading →

Canada has NO place for poor Activists from India #discrimination #mustread

Y Monday, 07 October 2013 | Moushumi Basu | New Delhi   It was a moment of rare honour for Sabitri Patra and Gopal Chandra Mandal — two conservationists from remote villages near Niyamgiri hills and Sunderbans in Odisha and… Continue Reading →

Canada’s ‘Honor’ Crime Funding Decried as Biased #Vaw #Justice

By Sadiya Ansari WeNews correspondent Critics say the government’s targeting of anti-violence funds on specific groups of women–such as those from Muslim and South Asian communities–worsens victims’ isolation and undermines a wider push for women’s safety. Children hold their flags… Continue Reading →

Canada – Every Year Nestlé Waters extracts 265 million litres of fresh water for free #WTFnews

The price of a litre of bottled water in B.C. is often higher than a litre of gasoline. However, the price paid by the world’s largest bottled water company for taking 265 million litres of fresh water every year from… Continue Reading →

Canada -10 years in prison if you wear a ‘mask” at a protest #WTFnews

By Jeff Blagdon on June 20, 2013    Canada’s controversial Concealment of Identity Act banning the wearing of masks during riots and “unlawful assemblies” has just gone into law, carrying with it a 10-year maximum sentence, reports CBC News. The private member’s bill was introduced in… Continue Reading →

Canada:”Significance Level 1 “incident at nuke reactor–Public not Alerted!!

Title: Atomic Energy of Canada says no danger during nuclear ‘near-miss’ Source: OTTAWA CITIZEN Author: IAN MACLEOD Date: May 15, 2013 h/t Anonymous tip […] a Chalk River nuclear operator mistakenly closed a vital pumping system that cools the immense heat… Continue Reading →

A Song of Protest from Northeast – #India, Your Constitution Has Nothing for Me #AFSPA

Ronid Chingangbam Pic courtesy- Divya Adusumilli 2013 Blood soaked streets That’s my ground That’s where i play around Sound of gunshots That’s my song That’s my lulla- lullaby Your revolution has snatched away My right to education Te te tenouwa… Continue Reading →

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