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Capitalism facilitates but doesn’t ensure freedom

BY PANKAJ MISHRA BLOOMBERG, JUN 17, 2014 NEW YORK – The 25th anniversary of the protests in Tiananmen Square on June 4 passed largely unnoticed in China. This dismal indifference to an awful atrocity should be blamed as much on a rising, self-absorbed… Continue Reading →

Good times for big capitalists means hard times for workers and peasants

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India “Sab ke saath, sab ka vikaas!” (Together with all, for the development for all!) This is the slogan with which the BJP led by Narendra Modi has swept to… Continue Reading →

Narendra Modi – The cult of cronyism #NOMOre_2014

SIDDHARTH VARADARAJAN Who does Narendra Modi represent and what does his rise in Indian politics signify? From the April 2014 issue of Seminar   The cult of cronyism Siddharth Varadarajan Who does Narendra Modi represent and what does his rise in… Continue Reading →

#India – Women in lead at London Marxism conference

  November 24, 2013   By John Riddell. The tenth annual Historical Materialism conference, held in London November 7–10, was younger and more diverse in composition than its predecessors. Probably the world’s leading gathering of Marxist theorists, the conference, this year… Continue Reading →

How feminism was co-opted by Capitalism – and how to reclaim it #mustread

Nancy Fraser The Guardian, Monday 14 October 2013 A movement that started out as a critique of capitalist exploitation ended up contributing key ideas to its latest neoliberal phase ‘We should break the spurious link between our critique of the family… Continue Reading →

China- adults drinking breast milk, fresh from the source #WTFnews

This is capitalism gone mad By Tim Stanley World   China‘s come a long way from its Cultural Revolution days… There’s a brand new, ultra-creepy fad in China: adults drinking human breast milk – fresh from the source. According to the South China… Continue Reading →

Sunday Reading–Artivism In The Age Of Capitalism- #SJ #Aamir Khan

by-Samvartha Sahil– In a recent article on Satyameva Jayate (SJ hereafter) one of our important film, TV and theater artist B. Suresha brought in the argument of the visible and invisible connection between commerce and art and on how the… Continue Reading →

A Prayer by Indians

(With Due Apologies to St. Francis, Reinhold Niebuhr and St. Patrick) Oh, Prime Ministerial Lord, make me a sports authority of your games; where there is common, let me steal wealth; where there is contract, commission; where there is agreement,… Continue Reading →

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