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Asian Centre for Human Rights cites Mahendra case, seeks mercy for Bhullar #deathpenalty

TNN | Apr 19, 2013, GUWAHATI: The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) on Thursday submitted a fresh mercy plea to President PranabMukherjee seeking commutation of the death sentence of condemned prisoner Devender Singh Bhullar to life imprisonment. The rights body argued that since another prisoner on death… Continue Reading →

Justice A P Shah – “One hardly finds a rich or affluent person going to the gallows” #deathpenalty

Justice Shah talks to AmnestyDeath Penalty in India: “One hardly finds a rich or affluent person going to the gallows” In November 2012, Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman from the 2008 Mumbai attacks, was hanged in the country’s first… Continue Reading →

It was “most inappropriate” and “judicial error” to confirm death sentence in Prof. Bhullar’s case: Public Prosecutor

By PARMJIT SINGH Published: April 18, 2013. sikhsiyasat.com New Delhi, India (April 18, 2013): It is a known fact that Prof. Devender Pal Singh Bhullar was sentenced to death by the trial court solely on the basis of a fractured and… Continue Reading →

Statement- Commute DS Bhullar’s Death Sentence

Abolish Death Penalty The Supreme Court verdict rejecting the plea for commutation of death sentence for DS Bhullar is most unfortunate. The case against DS Bhullar rested almost wholly on custodial confession. In 2002, when the majority bench of the… Continue Reading →

CRPP Statement of on Death Sentence to Bhullar

Committe for Release of Political Prisoners That the conviction of Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar was solely based on a confession statement attributed to him which he had denied in the court makes the decision even more regressive thus exposing even… Continue Reading →

#Deathpenalty- resurfacing in #India – 16mercy petitions rejected in 9 months #WTFnews

Pranab Mukherjee Rejected 16 Mercy Petitions in 9 Months NEW DELHI | APR 12, 2013, outlook There was a long delay in deciding mercy pleas by the Presidents, which was also highlighted by the Supreme Court today, but the situation changed… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE- PUDR on Rejection of Devinder Pal Bhullar’s plea by the Supreme Court

Peoples’ Union For Democratic Rights (PUDR) Date: 12 Apr. 2013, Press Statement Re: Rejection of Devinder Pal Bhullar’s plea by the Supreme Court   PUDR strongly denounces the Supreme Court’s dismissal this morning of Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar’s plea for… Continue Reading →

#India – Suprme Court rejects Devinderpal Singh Bhullar’s appeal #deathpenalty

Supreme Court verdict could impact other death row prisoners Reported by A Vaidyanathan, Ketki Angre, Edited by Surabhi Malik | Updated: April 12, 2013 New Delhi:  The Supreme Court has ruled that a death sentence cannot be commuted to life… Continue Reading →

House of Commons debate on the #DeathPenalty and Human Rights violations in India

By GAJINDER SINGH, http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/ Published: March 2, 2013 London, United Kingdom (March 02, 2013): According to a press release by the organizers of the Kesri Lehar, a petition asking for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in India was debated in the… Continue Reading →

Labour MP John McDonnell urges India to end the #deathpenalty #humanrights

ELIZABETH BARRETT , TIM SCULTHORPE THURSDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2013, The Independent The British Government should use “every mechanism of communication” to urge India to end the death penalty, a Labour MP has said. John McDonnell said Britain was “uniquely placed” with its… Continue Reading →

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