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#India – Call for developing DNA identification cards

Hyderabad: DNA identification cards can be developed for Indian citizens to serve as a single comprehensive identity cards, said speakers at a conference on DNA here Saturday.Such DNA fingerprinting card with unique marker can not only be a single comprehensive… Continue Reading →

#India- You think the poor are not interested in Privacy ? #Sundayreading #Adhaar #UID

usha ramanathan WHEN the UID project was launched, it was promoted as treading high moral ground because it was said that it would provide the poor with an identity. Actually though, what was expected was “that with this number, the… Continue Reading →

#India – SC to examine PIL on ‘voluntary’ nature of #Aadhaar cards #UID #goodnews

  Utkarsh Anand : New Delhi, Tue Sep 03 2013,     The Supreme Court Monday set out to examine the “voluntary” nature of the Aadhaar cards even as various states embarked upon making it compulsory for a range of formalities,… Continue Reading →

#India- Aadhaar centre laptops stolen, and so is your identity #UID #WTFnews

  DC |       Hyderabad: Thieves entered an Aadhaar Centre in the Gram Panchayat, Shamshabad, and scooted with laptops used by the authorities to enrol and save the details of the applicants.     The thieves also took… Continue Reading →

#India – A tale of two turfs: #NPR and #UID #mustread

The Statesman 15 Aug 2013 USHA RAMANATHAN In 1999, the Kargil conflict led to the setting up of the Kargil Review Committee to analyse intelligence lapses when the incursions happened. In its report, the committee suggested that “steps should be… Continue Reading →

#India – Delhi hit by massive , Aadhaar card, poll scam #UID #Aadhar

  Wednesday, August,14 2013 –   NEW DELHI: The office of the Delhi Chief Election Commissioner has uncovered a massive electoral scam involving the use of forged documents to obtain voter identity cards for suspected Bangladesh nationals, 13 lakh bogus voters… Continue Reading →

UID- Outsourcing enrolment, gathering dogs and trees #Aadhaar

The Statesman, 07 Aug 2013 USHA RAMANATHAN  How many people does it take to database a population of 1.2 billion? About 300. That is the number in the UIDAI. “Everything is outsourced, they don’t work for us,” Mr Nilekani said in… Continue Reading →

#India – For your #biomerics #UID – do the Eyes really have it? #Aadhaar

But do the eyes really have it? Usha Ramanathan In September 2012, two years after enrolment had begun, the UIDAI produced a report on iris authentication. As in the proof of concept (PoC) on fingerprint authentication, the iris report too… Continue Reading →

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