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India’s Jump from the Granary to the Plate

 August 1, 2013 Jean Drèze, The Hindu Despite its many flaws, the food security bill is an opportunity to end the leakages from the PDS and prevent wastage of public resources The National Food Security Bill, now an ordinance, has… Continue Reading →

Cash transfer may hurt girls and kids, says Amartya Sen #UID

SANDEEP JOSHI, The Hindu Amartya Sen: “We should not accept corruption on some fatalistic ground that this is the way things are in our country.” TOPICS crime, law and justicecorruption & bribery economy, business and finance Eminent economist and Nobel… Continue Reading →

IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Cash Transfers and UID: Essential Demands

      We support cash transfers such as old age pensions, widow pensions, maternity entitlements and scholarships. However, we oppose the government’s plan for accelerated mass conversion of welfare schemes to UID-driven cash transfers. This plan could cause havoc… Continue Reading →

Guinea pigs for technology #UID #Aaadhaar

Cash transfer would be a test for Aadhaar but the poor would pay the price Sreelatha Menon / New Delhi Dec 16, 2012,, business standdar   Technology can be good. But should it be first tested on the poor, who… Continue Reading →

“Aadhaar” of Direct Cash Transfer is more of assumptions, less of ground-level realities #UID #MUSTREAD

14 DEC, 2012, The government announced that from January 2013, 51 districts of the country would be subjected to Aadhaar– based direct cash transfers (DCT). We need some basic answers before we get to term the initiative as a game-changer…. Continue Reading →

Ration shop dealers demand withdrawal of cash transfer scheme #AADHAAR #UID

   7 DEC, 2012,PTI   NEW DELHI: Ration shop dealers today threatened to go on strike demanding that direct cash transfer scheme should be withdrawn, and accused the government of being lethargic in strengthening the food distribution system.    … Continue Reading →

Draft Twelfth Five Year Plan 2012-17 Planning Commission GOI, can be downloaded

DRAFT  Twelfth Five Year Plan 2012-17 Planning Commission  Government of India, you can download now http://planningcommission.gov.in/plans/planrel/12thplan/welcome.html NDC meeting on 12th plan on 27 Dec Plan document says the govt’s cash transfer programme will be a major step towards improving efficiency Kirthi… Continue Reading →

Government to implement Aadhaar in 43 districts from January 1, 2013 #UID

By PTI – NEW DELHI 06th December 2012 04:07 PM Home Minister P Chidambaram said a decision on whether Aadhaar should be mandatory for getting benefits through direct cash transfer, would be taken by individual ministries/ departments with respect to… Continue Reading →

Glitches in cash transfer pilot project worry govt

By Rukmini Shrinivasan, TNN | Dec 3, 2012, 03.28 AM IST Jairam Ramesh, who is is a key person for the implementation of this programme which is being viewed by the political class as UPA-2’s “game changer”, has conceded that… Continue Reading →

Faking news: Babus, netas discuss how to loot cash transfers #UID #Aadhar

DNA / Rahul Roushan / Saturday, December 1, 2012 9:00 IST Corrupt officials, leaders, businessmen, and criminals from 51 districts of India met here early today to devise plans to loot the cash that would be transferred to the poor… Continue Reading →

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