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Face Book post shuts down Pune #WTFnews

By Mubarak Ansari, Pune Mirror | Jun 2, 2014, 02.30 AM IST (CITY STAYS BANDH) Saturday night saw mayhem in areas like Bhosari, where buses were torched and many public and private vehicles were damaged. Photos of Nikhil Tikone circulated on WhatsApp, accusing him of the act; it was… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra police to crack whip on those who ‘like’ offensive Facebook posts #WTFnews

Mateen Hafeez,TNN | Jun 3, 2014, 05.45 AM IST Maharashtra police to crack whip on those who ‘like’ offensive posts on Facebook. MUMBAI: In an attempt to contain protests over objectionable posts on a social networking site about Chhatrapati Shivaji, Dr Babasaheb… Continue Reading →

Five Muslim students detained for forwarding anti-Modi message #WTFnews

CD Network Bhatkal, May 25: Amidst the growing concern that people may lose freedom to criticize elected representatives during the tenure of Narendra Modi who will be swearing in as 14th prime minister of India on May 26, as many as five Muslim… Continue Reading →

Nandita Das’s greatest fear is attack on #FOE

Silence Is Deafening, Are My Fears Unfounded? My greatest immediate fear is the attack on freedom of expression. Nandita Das, Actress/filmmaker Magazine | 26 May 2014 Nandita Das The election of a new government in India is the result of a democratic exercise… Continue Reading →

Ramdev’s meetings banned in Lucknow till May 16 after ‘honeymoon’ remark row

Edited by Mala Das (with inputs from PTI) | Updated: April 27, 2014 16:34 IST Yoga guru Baba Ramdev addressing a gathering in Lucknow on Friday Lucknow: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev today faced more heat following his controversial “honeymoon” remark against Congress Vice… Continue Reading →

When liberals turn illiberal #Censorship

Published: April 18, 2014 00:00 IST |   Kenan Malik Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, the technology company that, among other things, is responsible for the Firefox browser, was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had… Continue Reading →

Yet another encounter with corporate media #censorship

Anand Patwardhan on facebook yesterday afternoon ZTV (Hindi) invited me to be on a live panel debate at 10 pm. Their car duly picked me up and took me to their Mumbai studio and I waited till 10 pm for… Continue Reading →

#India – Students Unions banned in two Central Universities #Censorship #WTFnews

NO STUDENTS UNIONS, NO DISSENT, AS STUDENTS IN TWO CENTRAL MINORITY UNIVERSITIES LOSE THEIR RIGHT TO SPEAK By ASAD ASHRAF Thu Feb 20, 2014 NEW DELHI: It is not a coincidence that successive governments and successive Vice Chancellors, after the supposedly… Continue Reading →

Why Free Speech Loses in India #FOS #Censorship

 BY JONATHAN SHAININ The news from India these days is rarely cheery. The country’s long-overdue winning streak in the international press, which saw old clichés upgraded to shiny new high-tech models, ended around 2010. Since then, the headlines have been relentlessly… Continue Reading →

Taking offence: Bangalore starts a movement to shame Penguin Books

By Khushali P Madhwani, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Feb 13, 2014, Literary and art circles from city have exhorted people to return one book each that they own of Penguin imprint to the publisher Penguin is gearing up to receive and pulp all… Continue Reading →

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