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Gujarat- Public hearing exposes shortcomings in Adani’s proposed ship recycling facility at Mundra

Author(s): Soundaram Ramanathan Date:Aug 5, 2013 Company fails to satisfactorily answer public queries The public hearing for Adani’s ship-breaking facility near Mundra West Port in Gujarat’s Kuchchh district ended without the company being able to give comprehensive answers to the queries… Continue Reading →

#India- When mining interests prevail over SC order #WTFnews

Author(s): M Suchitra [1] Alok Gupta [2] Aparna Pallavi [3] Issue Date: 2013-8-5 The apex court had mandated environmental clearance from the Centre for mining minor minerals that includes sand last year. Uttar Pradesh where IAS officer Durga Shakti got suspended after taking… Continue Reading →

Panel for ban on mining in 37 % of Western Ghats #goodnews

PRISCILLA JEBARAJ, The Hindu Identifying 37 per cent — or about 60,000 square km — of the Western Ghats as ecologically sensitive, a high-level panel has recommended that “destructive” activities such as mining, thermal power, major construction, and some hydel… Continue Reading →

When battered people took on the pesticide industry #Endolsulphan

Author(s): Sunita Narain, Down to Earth Date: Aug 15, 2012 Today, I want to tell you a true story of extraordinary courage. The past week, I was in Kasaragod, a district in Kerala, splendid in beauty and with abundant natural resources, but… Continue Reading →

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