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An Open Letter to Woody Allen: Say ‘I’m Sorry’ #Vaw

By Wendy Murphy WeNews contributing editor Wednesday, February 5, 2014 The director and actor’s “fantasy” defense against abuse allegations from his adoptive daughter only make him sound like all the others, says Wendy Murphy. Little girls fantasize about becoming princesses… Continue Reading →

#India – Little kids in slums more vulnerable to sexual abuse

Ambika Pandit, TNN Apr 21, 2013, NEW DELHI: The voices from 1,580 families in 28 slums, resettlement and unauthorized colonies of Delhi speak in unison about vulnerability of their children and why they are more likely to be victims of violence… Continue Reading →

#India- Kerala Shame- Father, Brother and Uncle rape Minor, arrested #Vaw #Torture

    Father, brother, uncle rape minor, arrested in Kerala PTI Thalassery, November 27, 2012 The father, brother and an uncle of a 13 year-old girl from nearby Dharmadom in north Kerala’s Kannur district have been arrested for allegedly raping… Continue Reading →

India-No law to protect child adopted within family

  Sravani Sarkar, Hindustan Times Bhopal, October 02, 2012 Six-year-old Shivani was raped and beaten to death by her paternal uncle and aunt, who were acting as her foster parents, in Indore. The father of the child, resident of a… Continue Reading →

How the “Pro-Life” Movement Puts Women Behind Bars

In Alabama, the claim that eggs, embryos and fetuses have separate legal rights has led to the jailing of 60 women. Numerous organizations and leaders who identify themselves as pro-life have assured the public that their efforts to re-criminalize abortion… Continue Reading →

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