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Latest report: prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage” by WHO 2012

Latest publication on “WHO recommendations for the prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage” by WHO, 2012. “Every minute around the world 380 women become pregnant, 190 women face unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, 110 women experience pregnancy related complications, 40 women have unsafe abortions,… Continue Reading →

Hygiene shocker! Now, cleaners assist in delivering babies at maternity homes #Indiashining

  Pritha Chatterjee : New Delhi, Fri Aug 03 2012, 01:58 hrs Usha Devi’s newborn came into the world a few hours after the Northern Grid collapsed for the first time early on Monday morning. When Usha went into labour at… Continue Reading →

Maternal death 3 times more in tribal areas of Jharkhand

CGNETSWARA REPORTS   Tarpari Ji from Jharkhand says that they have found that in tribal areas of Jharkhand the rate of maternal death at child birth is 3 times more than  the average. He says in parts of 2 blocks… Continue Reading →

Man can’t force wife to conceive, rules high court

Feb 11, 2012 In a first, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that a husband cannot compel his wife to conceive and give birth to his child. Making it clear that relationships that know no limits too have… Continue Reading →

How Biriya delivered safely

Kounteya Sinha | February 11, 2012 A unique project in MP ensures that even women who live in remote tribal villages are only a phone call away from safe childbirth. Scenario 1 Time: 1. 40 am February 6 Deepak Tiwari,… Continue Reading →

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