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Hindu outfit forces artist to take painting off exhibition #Censorship #FOE

Bella Jaisinghani, TNN | Apr 9, 2013, Painter Eleena Banik had painted Goddess Kali without the usual garland of skulls and another of Goddess Durga wearing a fig leaf cover of strawberries. MUMBAI: Activists of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) Saturday forced a Kolkata-based… Continue Reading →

Unconvincing #Aadhaar #UID

Thursday, February 21, 2013 By Tavleen SinghAdd Media My reason for going to listen to Nandan Nilekani at an Indian Express ‘adda’ last week was because I believe his Aadhaar programme is a huge hoax on the people of India but I… Continue Reading →

#India- Your Aadhaar data is being misused by banks #mustshare #privacy #UID

Couple in Colaba were shocked when a bank sent a letter to their 10-yr-old daughter, without their knowledge or consent, saying an account had been opened in her name with details taken from UID January 24, 2013 MUMBAI Naveen Nair… Continue Reading →

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