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#India- National Commission for Scheduled Tribes puts Governors in the docks

Governors in the dock   Author(s): Jitendra, downtoearth Issue Date: Apr 15, 2013 Tribals in Jharkhand protest for land rights. Conflicts are growing in tribal areas ( photo credit: ARVIND YADAV / CSE) They turn a blind eye to laws overriding… Continue Reading →

Information that cannot be denied to Parliament cannot be denied to you and me… but does it happen? #RTI

  VINITA DESHMUKH | 31/01/2013 12:15 PM |  , Moneylife.com Does this provision in Section 8 wherein, despite exemptions you have the right to information if it is of larger public interest being correctly interpreted by Courts? A study thinks otherwise Notwithstanding Section 8… Continue Reading →

Police Brutality- Citizen Caned

POLICE BRUTALITY Citizen caned Anahita Mukherji | May 19, 2012, Times Crest     Victims of police brutality rarely get justice. The procedures for seeking redressal are complicated and often the panelists on the Police Complaint Authority are men in uniform. The… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka on trial, but case against India

Anahita Mukherji, TNN | Mar 25, 2012, By giving me electric shocks, by stripping me naked, or by brutally assaulting me and inserting stones in my rectum, will the problem of Naxalism end? When I was being stripped, I felt someone should… Continue Reading →

Marching Orders

Marching Orders Shobhan Saxena, TNN | Mar 4, 2012, When a backpacker is woken up by the police in the middle of the night, forced to reveal the password of his laptop, and put on a flight toGermany because he… Continue Reading →

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