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Communal Riots in UP – A harvest of horror and shame

Syeda Hameed Women are the worst sufferers in the violence perpetrated during the recent communal riots and other upheavals in Uttar Pradesh. In the wake of the riots that shook north India, I found myself in one of the many kafilas which… Continue Reading →

The signals emerging from a new dispensation

Praful Bidwai We have two scenarios unfolding simultaneously today. In one, Narendra Modi declares, “I will be [the] Prime Minister of all Indians, including those who did not vote for me”, and invites the neighbouring countries’ leaders to his swearing-in;… Continue Reading →

#India – A nine-year-old survivor’s story reminds us of the beast that riots unleash in men #mustread

Cut Off Her Hand Too,’ Shouted A Rioter REVATI LAUL 2013-10-12 , Issue 41 Volume 10 Traumatised Azra Qureshi on her hospital bed at the AIIMS trauma centre Nine-year-old Azra Qureshi hasn’t slept properly since the afternoon of 8 September. At the trauma… Continue Reading →

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