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#Pakistan – For mothers’ sake: encourage contraception #healthcare

By Our Correspondent Published: March 27, 2014   “Yes, only two of my 10 children are good,” A mother’s response when she was told to have less children. DESIGN: SAMRA AAMIR KARACHI: Lack of proper family planning is a serious dilemma and… Continue Reading →

Missouri Republicans Pass Two Anti-Abortion Bills Allowing Employers And Doctors To Deny Women Birth Control

  March 31, 2012 By Stephen D. Foster Jr. Missouri is now the top contender for the title of most insane and most anti-women conservative state in America. On Thursday, Missouri Senate and House Republicans passed two bills that could… Continue Reading →

Listen Up, Guys: If The Catholic Bishops Win, It’s The End of Sex As You Know It

One of the most stunning things about this whole contraception farce is the number of men who are still sitting this out, on the assumption that this is just another “women’s issue.” They don’t think they’ve got a dog in… Continue Reading →

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