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Press Release – Foreign Hand in the IB report on NGOs ?

Joint statement from Vandana Shiva, Aruna Rodrigues & Kavitha Kuruganti   Press Release:  India’s Sovereignty, Security and Freedom at risk- Is the IB being used by foreign corporations to take over India’s vital seed sector? The IB report has a special section… Continue Reading →

Arundhati Roy – How corporations run India and why they want Narendra Modi as prime minister

by Charlie Smith on Mar 30, 2014 at 1:51 pm   Indian author and social critic Arundhati Roy wants the world to know that her country is under the control of its largest corporations. “Wealth has been concentrated in fewer and fewer hands,” Roy tells… Continue Reading →

2.3 Million Americans Rot in Prison — Meet the Corporations Exploiting Them for Profit #mustread

  Civil Liberties The Nation / By Liliana Segura The prison industry is more lucrative than you think. October 2, 2013  | The following article first appeared in the Nation. “Global Tel* Link. You have a collect call from: ‘Tim.’ An inmate in Shelby County Correctional… Continue Reading →

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