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How does it feel to be an SC/ST student in IIMs?

    Vishal Kamal, In love with English Literature, INTJ, Mining Engineer One of the biggest mistake that can be done by a society is to pretend that the problem does not even exist. Most of the people answering this question would… Continue Reading →

‘There Is No Room For Debate In Gujarat’

National / Interviews WEB | MAY 01, 2014 VADODARA The former professor of English at the MS University of Baroda on his opposition to the ghettoisation of Gujarati society after 2002. MARI MARCEL THEKAEKARA INTERVIEWS GANESH N. DEVY COMMENTS PRINT… Continue Reading →

Fight CNN’s Pro-Nuke Propaganda– Sign Petition #mustshare

Network to air one-sided advocacy for nuclear power October 25, 2013 On November 7, CNN will air the pro-nuclear power documentary Pandora’s Promise. The film tells one side of the nuclear debate, profiling a few people who were once critical of the nuclear… Continue Reading →

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