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DSM- 5- What earlier generations called emotions are now ailments #mustread #mentalhealth

This manuals method is SHEER MADNESS  What earlier generations called emotions are now ailments Human lives are governed by emotions.We grieve,we rejoice,we feel fear and anger,we experience doubt and certainty.But if a new psychiatric guidebook is to be believed all… Continue Reading →

Corporates cashing in on mental-health diagnosis

By Adam McGibbon  Are we heading towards a mass-medicated society? Sriram Balla, under a CC License Are you a disruptive person? Are you occasionally reluctant to part with possessions? Is your child defiant, or prone to temper tantrums? Are you grieving from the… Continue Reading →

In search of a revolutionary road #mentalhealth

K. S. JACOB, The Hindu Psychiatric diagnoses continue to lack the predictive power required of hard science. A new framework is needed to understand mental health, distress and disease The American Psychiatric Association (APA) will release the fifth edition of… Continue Reading →

Do we Need a Diagnostic Manual for Mental Illness ?

The Guardian Richard Bentall and Nick Craddock discuss the controversial revisions to the US Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ‘Who will benefit from the proposed revision?’ The way that we think and talk about psychiatric illness has implications for all of… Continue Reading →

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