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#India – A sound economy needs a sound environment

Bittu Sahgal June 16, 2014 Going by our Intelligence Bureau (IB) and some of the voices in the government, anyone asking for the protection of the country’s forests, its rivers or its coasts is anti-national and destroying the country’s economy…. Continue Reading →

Why India public sector banks are in a mess

BISWA SWARUP MISHRA. Diversified basket That’s what PSU banks need Lightspring/shutterstock.com Forced to ramp up lending, they lent to dubious big ticket borrowers, while neglecting the retail segment The United Bank of India fiasco once again brings into focus the bloated NPAs… Continue Reading →

Gujarat model of development: What would it do to the Indian economy ?

by Rohini Hensman, 7 March The cornerstone of Modi’s and the BJP’s campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections is that the UPA has ruined the Indian economy and the BJP led by Modi will make it boom. These claims have been… Continue Reading →

Agrarian Crisis as the Crisis of Small Property Ownership in Globalizing Capitalism

by Raju J Das The topic of agrarian crisis is everywhere.  What does it mean, though? We know what ‘agrarian’ means.  It refers to agriculture and its social relations. What does ‘crisis’ mean?  It means a problem (or a set of problems)…. Continue Reading →

Mainstream economics is in denial: the world has changed

Despite the crash, the high priests of economics refuse to look at the big picture – and continue to prop up world elites Aditya Chakrabortty The Guardian, Monday 28 October 2013   Karl Marx: time he went back on the syllabus?… Continue Reading →

Migrants contributors, not burden on cities: UN report #mustread

IANS  New Delhi, October 17, 2013 Breaking the myth that internal migration is burdening the cities, a new study says migrants are in fact contributing largely to the gross domestic product (GDP) and proving to be a subsidy. A Unesco report… Continue Reading →

#India – Labour laws have been counter-productive: Amartya Sen

Mihir S Sharma  |  New Delhi   July 23, 2013 , BS   Q&A with Nobel prize-winning economist   Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, who has just written An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions with Jean Dreze, tellsMihir S Sharma that he… Continue Reading →

Gujarat slides in both rural and urban spending

Subodh Varma, TNN | Jul 22, 2013,   There’s a new trend of chief ministers, particularly those with national ambitions, aggressively peddling their respective ‘development models’. Interestingly, CMs from the same party at times indulge in one-upmanship. The question is: How are… Continue Reading →

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