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The Language Problem in NEP 2020

By Vaidehi Gautam The Ministry of Education released the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) on 29th July 2020. As soon as its approval came through by the cabinet, it was hailed as a progressive and phenomenal policy. This policy focuses… Continue Reading →

Prof Haragopal -Saffronisation of Education and History in India

    Mumbai , – Prof. G Haragopal, from  Professor with the Centre for Human Rights (School Of Social Sciences),  University of Hyderabad addressed the public meeting  organised Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights (CPDR) Mumbai , titled  “Acche Din? One… Continue Reading →

Private Schools vs. Caste Discrimination

by Alex Tabarrok Nearly 30% of children in India (ages 6-14) attend private schools and in some states and many urban regions a majority of the students attend private schools. Compared to the government schools, private schools perform modestly better on measures of learning (Muraldiharan… Continue Reading →

MDG Report 2014: India among worst performers in poverty reduction, maternal death and sanitation

Author(s): Moushumi Sharma  Date:Jul 9, 2014 Report shows good progress in areas like poverty alleviation and access to clean water and controlling diseases like TB, Malaria Some MDG targets, such as increasing access to sanitation and reducing child and maternal mortality… Continue Reading →

India Education sector’s link to black money

  RAKESH M GOYAL AND ANKUR GOYAL | 26/06/2014 Speculations are that a big part of this money goes to politicians and bureaucracy as a large number of institutes are owned, controlled and managed by politicians and business houses There was a time, not… Continue Reading →

India: Implement UN Recommendations on Children

Armed Groups Target Schools JUNE 20, 2014   Schoolchildren sit in a makeshift classroom in the courtyard of the Birhni Middle School. The school was bombed by Maoist guerillas on December 27, 2009. Maoist guerillas have been responsible for several… Continue Reading →

India – Right to health if implemented, would be a game-changer

The Congress party‘s suggested right to health, if implemented, would be a game-changer Nitin Desai   March 18, 2014 Last Updated at 21:50 IST This is the season for party manifestos with their vague and quite unexciting promises. But in this sea… Continue Reading →

#India – Brave Girl battles her own child marriage #mustread

The one who got away ADITI BHADURI, The Hindu, Akila at her college in Dharmapuri , Tamil Nadu. – Aditi Bhaduri   This brave teen took on her family to prevent her forced marriage. She looks like any other teenager… Continue Reading →

Califia Feminists Took Education Out of Classrooms #womenrights

By Clark A. Pomerleau WeNews guest author Sunday, December 8, 2013 Launched in 1975, this group of Southern California feminists provided an alternative to mainstream academia’s attempts to tie feminism to university courses, focusing on community education, says Clark A…. Continue Reading →

The Mala Moment – Pakistan has produced a young woman who is remarkable to the world #mustread

By Sherry Rehman She didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s totally ok. The award nomination is a milestone among many. Malala Yousafzai, 16, is still proud and hopeful that she will move bigger mountains. So is mainstream Pakistan. Without going… Continue Reading →

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