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Petition seeks stay on Modi election from Varanasi

Aug 12, 2014 04:47 PM , By Vinaya Deshpande In this April 24, 2014 photo, Narendra Modi waves to supporters during a road show before filing his nomination in Varanasi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent crores as a candidate from… Continue Reading →

#Abkibaarmodisarkar- If you cant make it, Fake it #NOMOre_2014

How much does “Ab ki baar modi sarkar” & “Har haath shakti, har haath taraki” cost? BY: NITIN PRATAP SINGH, on facebook In the last few days where ever i have gone i have been bombarded with two slogans from all… Continue Reading →

India Against Constipation- Election #Videos #Humor

  Aisa Hi Hoga… Buzurgon Ka Tiraskaar… Ab Ki Baar… Agar Aa Gayi .. Bhondi Sarkaar … ! Bina Team Ka Captain… Karega Bantadhaar… Ab Ki Baar… Agar Aa Gayi .. Bhondi Sarkaar … ! Pehle Rajya Bika… Desh Bik… Continue Reading →

#India – Election Observer for Raipur South, reaches out with Facebook #Chhattisgarh #mustshare

Facebook Note  by – Manivannan I have been appointed as Election Observer (General) for Raipur south Assembly constituency. I am here in Raipur, for next 3 weeks, till the polling day and beyond if required. My duty is to over-see… Continue Reading →

#Vedanta funding can land big political parties in a soup #India #CSR #mustshare

Vedanta funding can land Congress, BJP in a soup Civil society group ADR makes case for keeping political parties under transparency law Ashish Mehta | new delhi | September 13 2013 The Congress and the BJP have been receiving huge… Continue Reading →

Cow Urine in BJP manifesto

New Delhi, :If re-elected to power in Uttarakhand, BJP will encourage the production of filtered Gau Mootra (cow urine) in the state, says a rather ambitious party manifesto. Among a host of promises on the ‘development’ front, the staple of… Continue Reading →

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