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Poll Campaign Gets Shriller, Dirtier Modi plumbs the depths

Poll Campaign Gets Shriller, Dirtier Modi plumbs the depths By Praful Bidwai Many Narendra Modi zealots are acting as if he had already been sworn in as Prime Minister, or as if that were only a matter of time. They… Continue Reading →

India spends almost 10 Crores on MPs foreign visits #WTFnews

JANUARY 19, 2014 by POLITICAL MIRROR in POLITICAL MIRROR India spends Rs 9, 62, 90,365 on MPs foreign visits By Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo NEW DELHI: At the time, when India is heading to witness another Lok Sabha election, we have come to know that a… Continue Reading →

#India – Hindu nationalists are gaining powerand silencing enemies along the way

Should the West be worried, asks Sunny Hundal SUNNY HUNDAL Wednesday 26 February 2014 When Penguin abruptly accepted defeat in an Indian court and withdrew a controversial book a fortnight ago, the backlash was so ferocious it took almost everyone… Continue Reading →

#India – It’s time for sedition. Are we ready ? #Gandhijayanti

By Tushar Gandhi “Civil disobedience is the inherent right of a citizen; they dare not give it up without ceasing to exist”  — MK Gandhi, Young India: January 5, 1922 In a couple of days, we will celebrate the 144th birth… Continue Reading →

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