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New Centralized Nuclear Plants: Still an Investment Worth Making?

(Image credit: Getty Images Europe via @daylife) Just a few years ago, the US nuclear renaissance seemed at hand.  It probably shouldn’t have been.  Cost overruns from Finland to France to the US were already becoming manifest, government guarantees were in doubt, and shale… Continue Reading →

Cost of Jaitapur reactors could triple to nearly Rs. 35,500 crore

  VAIJU NARAVANE, The Hindu, Dec 6,2012     EDF, the French electricity giant that has built and operated the country’s 58 nuclear reactors, has announced that the bill for the 1,650-MW, third-generation pressurised reactor known as EPR has now… Continue Reading →

‘Areva reactor meets advanced safety requirements’

NEW DELHI, February 9, 2012 R. Ramachandran There will be no additional cost to the EPR 1650 MWe Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR), a Generation III+ nuclear reactor developed by Areva of France, in complying with the additional safety requirements recommended… Continue Reading →

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