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#India – Who needs ultra mega solar power plants?

Author(s): Chandra Bhushan  Mar 15, 2014 Government plans to set up four large-scale solar power plants that will cost a whopping `1.2 lakh crore. Will they serve millions of energy poor? The bigger the better seems to be the mantra of Central government ministries these days…. Continue Reading →

Read Compelling Stories of Shameful Treatment of Fukushima Victims

Greenpeace | February 22, 2014 By Brian Blomme When most of us think of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster we think about leaks of contaminated water, criminal gangs hiring ill-trained workers to work on cleaning up radioactive materials on the site, ice-dams to stop water flowing, or… Continue Reading →

Holy Cow: Former Chairman of NRC says Every Single Reactor in the U.S. Should Be Shut Down

The nuclear industry is having its own meltdown. September 4, 2013  |   The first thing to remember about nuclear power is that it’s not safe. Just ask Japan. The second thing to remember is that nuclear power isn’t cheap. Connecticut draws… Continue Reading →

The myths in power generation

E. A. S. Sarma Power problems are attributed to shortage in generation capacity, not inefficiencies in the supply chain. From thermal power generation to end-use appliances, energy inefficiency can be reduced. — Raju V Distance Energy Courses – Apply, Study & Get… Continue Reading →

Selling Nulcear Power to Women: Why the Industry has got it Wrong

  Donella H. Meadows, http://www.dianuke.org/ Donella H. Meadows is an adjunct professor of environmental studies at Dartmouth College. Courtesy: Susiatnability Institute The U.S. Council for Energy Awareness has finally figured out how to sell nuclear power to women. Women have always… Continue Reading →

These bills are long unpaid

To predict disaster, to invoke treachery and malice, to spin tales of rotten luck to make it not happen: it doesn’t work. The wind is still rising with hail in its teeth. The waves are piling up then spilling back… Continue Reading →

Solar Panels Reflect Bright Future for Rural Papua New Guinea

GOROKA, Apr 2, 2012 (IPS) – In Papua New Guinea (PNG), which has no national power grid but large river systems and abundant sunshine, renewable energy has tremendous potential to transform remote rural lives with clean and sustainable electricity. Ten… Continue Reading →

Koodankulam Update March 21, 2012

10:00 AM Electricity, Water and Food Supply stopped in Idinthakarai All roads and sea routes to reach Idinthakarai are blocked. Police personnel forcibly took away mobiles phones and water supply equipments. School run by Dr. S P Udayakumar damaged badly… Continue Reading →

Lokayat Organises Book Release Function and Seminar on Nuclear Energy

Title of book: NUCLEAR ENERGY: Technology from Hell Author: Neeraj Jain Published by: AAKAR BOOKS, Delhi 450 pages, Price Rs. 295 The government of India is attempting to set up a string of nuclear plants across the country, with imported… Continue Reading →

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