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Landmark win for dalits as UK bans caste bias

Kounteya Sinha, TNN Apr 26, 2013, (Jo Swinson, the equalities…) LONDON: Dalits in the United Kingdom have recorded a landmark victory after the British parliament finally agreed to outlaw caste discrimination. In a major U-turn, the House of Commons, which had earlier trashed… Continue Reading →

UK wakes up to caste bias

Shalini Nair : London, Tue Mar 26 2013, IE For a place that is only one-fifteenth the size of London, Coventry has a large number of gurdwaras. Even that might not have seemed so incongruous considering that Sikhs are the largest… Continue Reading →

No escape from caste prejudice even in UK #discrimination #humanrights

ByAnahita Mukherji, TNN | Mar 16, 2013, Many Indians in the work place say they have faced a great deal of harassment from other Indians on grounds of caste. LONDON: If you happen to be of Dalit origin, or from the so-called lower… Continue Reading →

House of Lords voted to Outlaw Caste discrimination in UK

Historic victory for Dalits Arun Kumar, Bedford, UK   4th March, 2013 is a momentous day in the history of Dalit movement in the UK when the House of Lords voted overwhelmingly in favour of including caste discrimination in the Equality… Continue Reading →

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