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Are information commissioners killing the RTI Act?

  VINITA DESHMUKH | 09/01/2013 Moneylife  Information commissions are increasingly being lenient in penalising Public Information Officers (PIOs) for not providing information that they should, or being absent at hearings at the information commission. If so, are the information commissioners making PIOs… Continue Reading →

Al Jazeera: Report says EU nuclear reactors need $ 32 BILLION to prevent disaster!

  Report says EU nuclear reactors need repair A leaked report on Europe’s nuclear reactors found that up to $32bn needs to be invested to prevent disaster. Last Modified: 03 Oct 2012 09:23 Almost all of Europe’s nuclear reactors are in… Continue Reading →

Leak reveals EU’s plans for Large-Scale Surveillance of Communications

21 September, 2012 » Compulsory Identification | Internet Blocking | Notice & take-down | Privacy | Access to information | Freedom to publish | Freedom of speech | Wiretapping This article is also available in: Deutsch: CleanIT – Pläne zur Überwachung des Internets im großen Stil  A leaked document from the CleanIT project shows just… Continue Reading →

These bills are long unpaid

To predict disaster, to invoke treachery and malice, to spin tales of rotten luck to make it not happen: it doesn’t work. The wind is still rising with hail in its teeth. The waves are piling up then spilling back… Continue Reading →

The Asbestos Shame in India #enviornment

By Rohit roy,  kindlemag.in A slow and painful death is creeping through the nation. Asbestos – the essential roofing of the poor – is a silent and deadly killer. It causes lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis through a slow filling… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Your Governments Trade Away Our Lives

In an open letter to the citizens of Europe, the Chairperson of South Africa’s world famous Treatment Action Campaign appeals for collective action to stop European leaders pursuing harmful intellectual property provisions in the EU-India free trade agreement. India supplies… Continue Reading →

DNA investigations: Deaths confirm cancer risk near N-reactors

Saturday, Jan 14, 2012, By Gangadhar S Patil | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA After being in denial for years, the department of atomic energy (DAE) has for the first time admitted that the deaths of its employees at the… Continue Reading →

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