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Narendra Modi will not Face the Facebook discussion … chickened out

Modi won’t participate in discussion on Facebook Prashant Jha, Hindustan Times  New Delhi, March 02, 2014 BJP‘s prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi has cancelled a scheduled interview, billed as his big public interaction using the reach of the new media. He… Continue Reading →

Indian hunts for Facebook lover in Pak, vanishes in Taliban land

Dhananjay Mahapatra,TNN | Feb 25, 2014, 05.09 AM IST Fifteen months ago Hamid Nehal Ansari, a graduate from Mumbai, took a flight to Kabul and sneaked into Pakistan to meet a girl he had met on the internet and fallen in love… Continue Reading →

What FB’s 56 genders mean – Are you Genderqueer or Trans Male? #socialmedia

The social network’s gender options confuse some and please others, but here’s what they really mean, in layman terms Kashika Saxena , Bombay Times, Feb 18, 2014 Social networks and websites only offer the ‘male’and ‘female’gender options currently. However, Facebook… Continue Reading →

#India – Woman commits suicide after obscene messages on Facebook #socialmedia

mangaloretoday.com Kochi, Jan 27: Unable to bear further humiliation, a 27-year-old married woman against whom obscene messages had been posted on Facebook ended her life by hanging at nearby Cheranallore, police said.   The incident occurred last night in the… Continue Reading →

Facebook sued over fake ‘likes’ for ads

ANI | Jan 11, 2014, 1 READ MORE Facebook has been sued for falsifying member endorsements through their “likes” for advertising purposes. WASHINGTON: Facebook has been sued for falsifying member endorsements through their “likes” for advertising purposes. Colorado resident and Facebook user Anthony Ditirro filed a… Continue Reading →

Don’t Ignore the Trolls. Feed Them Until They Explode.

It’s been a bad week for women on the internet—but also a clarifying and validating one. British MP Stella Creasy began receiving rape threats on Twitter (in other news: fish are bonkers about water!) after expressing support for feminist activist… Continue Reading →

#India – Bar Association suspends Kerala woman lawyer for FB comment on male lawyers#FOE #FOS #WTFnews

Bar Association J Binduraj Kochi, January 2, 2014 | Anima Murayath A young woman lawyer of Kozhikode in Kerala has been suspended from the Calicut Bar Association for a Facebook comment posted by her in October last year criticising the… Continue Reading →

#India – #Feku vs #Pappu: 2013 -The year we subverted social media

We said bye-bye to a medium of happy anarchy. Increasingly popular social media faced the same threat as traditional media The National Front government of V.P. Singh is remembered for a set of caste-based reforms that set fire to the… Continue Reading →

Private Tech Companies Collecting Data on You and Selling Them to the Feds #social media #privacy #WTFnews

With a lot of help from the surveillance industry, Big Bro has already won the fight to watch all of us all the time — unless we decide to do something about it. October 8, 2013  |    By Pratap Chatterjee . … Continue Reading →

#India – Second Largest country after US, to seek 4,144 Facebook users’ details #Prism

Itika Sharma Punit,Bangalore  August 28, 2013, BS Only 50% govt request, considered by social networking website. India second largest country after US in terms of total user requests sought Indian government sought information about 4,144 users from popular social networking site Facebook during… Continue Reading →

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