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Medha Patkar – ‘Curbing Agitations Absolutely Fascist’

FOTOCORP (FROM OUTLOOK 30 JUNE 2014) INTERVIEW ‘Curbing Agitations Absolutely Fascist’ The Narmada Bachao Andolan’s spearhead on the recent government decisions PRACHI PINGLAY-PLUMBER INTERVIEWS MEDHA PATKAR The first blow was the new BJP government’s unilateral decision to raise the wall of the… Continue Reading →

Should only Minorities be Worried over #Narendra Modi

MAY 8, 2014 Sanjay Kumar, kafila.org (Photo Courtesy : ibnlive.in.com) Guest Post by Sanjay Kumar By stealth, wealth, and media barrage a phalanx of powerful interests is trying to create a public opinion favourable to Mr Narendra Modi. It appears… Continue Reading →

Modi’s Congress-Mukht-Bharat ideology is fascist: Mahesh Bhatt

April 25, 2014 18:23 IST  To get such articles in your inbox ‘The Congress may have made mistakes, but their ideology is not wrong. India will not function if you do not believe in unity in diversity,’ declares filmmaker Mahesh… Continue Reading →

India are you Disregarding fascism ?

The danger posed by fascism to India’s parliamentary democracy is not so much about one man as about the masses that currently favour him with their support G. Sampath Photo: HT Is India poised on the verge of fascism? While… Continue Reading →

The banality of evil #NaMo #NOMOre_2014

NISSIM MANNATHUKKAREN, TheHind, MARCH 22, 2014 The HinduIllustration: Deepak Harichandan When carnage is reduced to numbers and development to just economic growth, real human beings and their tragedies remain forgotten. Empires collapse. Gang leaders/Are strutting about like statesmen. The peoples/Can… Continue Reading →

India’s democratic institutions are too strong to let fascists win

THE FEAR OF FASCISM – Politics and play – Ramachandra Guha > I spent most of February in New Delhi, working in the archives, but also meeting friends old and new on the side. Naturally, much of the talk centred on… Continue Reading →

Laboratory of Fascism: Capital, Labour and Environment in Modi’s Gujarat #mustread

Rohit Prajapati and Trupti Shah[1]We are caught in a false debate in which the reality is presented in an erroneous perception. Narendra Modi, the perpetrator of 2002 carnage is counter posed with Mr. Modi the “development leader”. We call it… Continue Reading →

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