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Celebrating freedom in the Republic of Fear

Independence Day brings with it the fear of renewed terrorist attacks. How did we come to live this way? Shivam Vij · Photo Credit: Prakash Singh/AFP The electronic chimes sound on the Delhi Police loudspeaker in almost every market, and the announcements… Continue Reading →

Youth ‘freezes’ for women’s safety, but Delhi doesn’t get it ? #Vaw

Umang Aggarwal,TNN | May 27, 2014, 12.00 AM IST   Youth ‘freezes’ for women’s safety, but Delhi doesn’t get it? RELATED Being arty at eighty Capturing the simple life on their canvasses Connecting to the human psyche 31% vote, 51% seats &… Continue Reading →

Maa Nee Main Nahi Darna – (Mother, I will not fear, Mother, I will not become you) #delhigangrape #vaw #1billionrising #music

This song in memory of the unknown citizen is produced by Swaang, a Bombay based cultural group, whose members include actors, writers, music directors, musicians and producers “all in the grips of the market-driven Bombay film industry, but whose hearts continue to pull… Continue Reading →

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