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#India – Why not Aam Aurat Party? #AAP #Womenrights

  BY KALPANA SHARMA, The Hindu, Dec 21 The HinduConsider the woman voter. Photo: Akhilesh Kumar Gender plays a role in politics. Which is why women as candidates, and as voters, make the difference. Even as Arvind Kejriwal cogitated about… Continue Reading →

My Tribute to Grand old Lady of Feminist Movement – Ace Kractivist #Womerights #Sundayreading

 I pay tribute to Vina Mazumdar, the Grand old lady of the Feminist Movement and the Grandmother of women’s studies in South Asia Photo credit: CWDS and the Mazumdar family For me, the inseparable Vina Mazumdar and Lotika Sarkar are… Continue Reading →

#India- What you wanna be -Kareena or Konkona or .. #womensday

Bachi Karkaria , TNN Or Kiran next-door? The liberated woman is free to flash any face There’s a poster in the lifts of our Dosti Flamingoes housing complex. It’s an invitation to ‘Bring out the hairspray, the blue eye-shadow and… Continue Reading →

Why socialists need feminism #womenrights #sundayreading

Published on Friday, 22 February 2013 15:21 By David Camfield The relationship between socialism and feminism has been getting more attention in online discussions recently. This is both for good reasons — such as the article by Sharon Smith of the International… Continue Reading →

Wanted: A new feminist movement in India #Vaw

By Ashley Tellis Source : SIFY Last Updated: Mon, Dec 31, 2012 11:48 hrs If there is one thing that is clear from the recent and continuing protests that have been unfolding in the city over the gruesome rape in the… Continue Reading →

We Never Said “We Wanted it All”: How the Media Distorts the Goals of Feminism

 By Ruth Rosen, alternet What Anne-Marie Slaughter and so many other privileged women have failed to understand is that the original women’s movement sought an economic and social revolution that would create equality at home and at the workplace. August ,… Continue Reading →

Global Health and Feminism

Feminism might be a taboo word within academic medicine, but it clearly has made an important contribution to global health By Richard Smith The Lancet, the leading journal for global health, has mentioned feminism only twice in its 189 years. The BMJ–British… Continue Reading →

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