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#RIP Activist, Feminist and Friend Trupti Shah- Her life in her own words

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Trupti Shah, Friend ,feminist, environmentalist, human rights activist is no more with us. She left us at 9.15 p.m. May 26, 2016. She battled lung cancer that was detected in October 2014. We could not honor her last wishes to… Continue Reading →

In Memoriam: Sudha Varde (1930-2014)- Feminist and Socialist

April 11, 2014 Obituary After a lifetime of commitment towards women’s liberation and progressive and secular values, Sudha Varde has left behind a legacy of socialist and humanist ethos By Vibhuti Patel Sudhatai Varde was extremely lively, cheerful person with the… Continue Reading →

Press Release – Feminists and Activists condemn attack on Shoma Chaudhari

  We condemn the BJP lynch mob that attacked Tehelka managing Editor Shoma Chaudhuri’s house, physically jostling her at the entrance. Unsurprisingly, the BJP and right-wing forces in general have pounced upon the Tehelka sexual assault case to  sweep attention… Continue Reading →

Feminist and Queer Movements Need to Rethink #gender #sexuality #mustread

By Julia Serano WeNews guest author Sunday, October 6, 2013 Sexism-based exclusion runs rampant in these movements, says Julia Serano in this excerpt from “Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive.” In part this is thanks to false assumptions… Continue Reading →

#RIP- Feminist and Sociologist who studied intersection of gender, caste

  DIVYA TRIVEDI, The Hindu The HinduFile photo of Sharmila Rege. Sharmila Rege – 1964-2013 Sharmila Rege, the scholar whose work on the interplay of patriarchy and caste oppression broke new ground for both sociology and women’s studies in India,… Continue Reading →

A Feminist in Pieces #gender #mustread

By Smita Shashank Pendharkar I am a Feminist In Pieces. With a thousand grains of life scattered over three continents, I have no real home nor a sense of real belonging. The voices around me often say that I am… Continue Reading →

How India Turned Me Into a Feminist- aussiegirlinindia

 by—aussiegirlinindia I have a confession to make, I am a feminist. Nine months traveling through India has made me a feminist and this is me coming out of the closet. I have always considered myself to be egalitarian, striving for… Continue Reading →

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