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Chandigarh fails to rehabilitate slum population

City on trial Author(s): Anupam Chakravartty   Chandigarh resists luxury residential project but fails to rehabilitate its slum population to preserve its master plan A housing complex in the catchment of Sukhna Lake will affect Chandigarh’s only water body (PHOTOGRAPHS: ANUPAM… Continue Reading →

#India – Dont rob tribals, dalits of access to natural resources

Saturday, 08 February 2014 | MANAS JENA | in Bhubaneswar   Land, water, forest, mineral and air are natural gifts and every human being has natural right over these resources for a dignified life and livelihood but there are communities who… Continue Reading →

#India – Tribal rights without benefits #mustread

Over 1.3 million tribals and forest dwellers have got rights over the land they had been using for years under the Forest Rights Act. This can, in some way, be called contemporary India’s largest land regime change—from the forest administration… Continue Reading →

Press Release- The New LARR Bill will not End the British Legacy of Forced Land Acquisition

The New LARR Bill will not End the British Legacy of Forced Land Acquisition People’s Consent for Every Development Project is a MUST, Niyamgiri Shows the Way Forward All Agricultural Land Should be Protected from Acquisition and Diversion   New… Continue Reading →

#India- Desperate for a dam, ready to displace 100,000 people

Author(s): Sugandh Juneja Issue Date: 2013-1-15 Government skews facts to plan a project in Rajasthan that will displace 100,000 people Government says the proposed dam is 150 metres upstream of a wildlife sanctuary, while residents say the project falls inside… Continue Reading →

Shifting sands: A fishing village lost to sea

By Nityanand Jayaraman at  http://tnlabour.in/, a bilingual blog site dedicated to discussing issues related to labour in Tamil Nadu. This site is set up and run by a small group of volunteers. A photo taken in June 2011. As of 6… Continue Reading →

Tribal Districts Show Heavy Forest Degradation

India’s forest cover decreased by 367 square kilometers between 2007 and 2009, and it was primarily tribal and hilly regions that were to blame, according to the biennial forest survey released last week by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. The report… Continue Reading →

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