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Tamil Nadu youth arrested for anti-RSS post on Facebook #FOE #FOS

The Tamil Nadu police on Thursday arrested 21-year-old I Mohamed Aslam for reportedly posting a hate message against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Facebook. Representational image. Getty ImagesAccording to a report in The Hindu, Aslam had in a post on Facebook, said that activities of… Continue Reading →

Right To Rant – Police should respect #FOS and not hound Kerala crossword players

Police should respect freedom of speech, not waste time hounding Kerala’s crossword players The arrest of nine college students in Kerala for allegedly using invectives to describe leading political personalities, including PM Narendra Modi, in a crossword puzzle reflects government… Continue Reading →

#India – Students Unions banned in two Central Universities #Censorship #WTFnews

NO STUDENTS UNIONS, NO DISSENT, AS STUDENTS IN TWO CENTRAL MINORITY UNIVERSITIES LOSE THEIR RIGHT TO SPEAK By ASAD ASHRAF Thu Feb 20, 2014 NEW DELHI: It is not a coincidence that successive governments and successive Vice Chancellors, after the supposedly… Continue Reading →

#India – Changing landscape of free speech #FOS

Once we give up on the right to offend in the name of ‘tolerance’ or ‘respect,’ we constrain our ability to challenge those in power, and therefore to challenge injustice Twenty five years ago on February 14, the Ayotollah Khomeini… Continue Reading →

#India – MU suspends Professor Neeraj Hatekar for speaking out #FOE #FOS #WTFnews

Mumbai University suspends professor for speaking out Hemali Chhapia,TNN | Jan 5, 2014, MUMBAI: The University of Mumbai on Saturday suspended one of its senior teachers, a fellow of Cambridge University, on the grounds of violating the code of conduct and for moral… Continue Reading →

#India – Free Speech in India 2013- Highlights #FOS #Censorship

     A report from The Free Speech Hub of the Hoot   Highlights   Deaths : eight deaths in 2013   The number of journalists killed has risen in the last three years. From three in 2011 and five… Continue Reading →

Hanging the hashtag #Censorship #FOE #FOS #internetfreedom

Abhijit Majumder, Hindustan Times August 28, 2012   And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that ye be not troubled – Jesus Christ It is embarrassing now, and after a few years, it may be even… Continue Reading →

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