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Fukushima-Style Nuclear Power Plant in Washington Is a Seismic Timebomb

Gar Smith, Earth Island Journal | May 5, 2014 12:59 pm The landscape of eastern Washington State is deceptively tranquil: a pastiche of vineyards, farms, scrub grass, ridges and windmills. But what appears peaceful and settled in the moment has proven restive… Continue Reading →

ACTION ALERT- Do not permit Restart of the Sendai or Genkai Nuclear Power Plants

  All of 48 nuclear power plants in Japan are stopped operation because of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority(NRA)’s safety screening process. NRA says it will prioritize this process for the Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan. And… Continue Reading →

Read Compelling Stories of Shameful Treatment of Fukushima Victims

Greenpeace | February 22, 2014 By Brian Blomme When most of us think of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster we think about leaks of contaminated water, criminal gangs hiring ill-trained workers to work on cleaning up radioactive materials on the site, ice-dams to stop water flowing, or… Continue Reading →

Nuclear Collusion: From Fukushima to Gorakhpur

  DiaNuke.org 14th Jan 2014 Major General Sudhir Vombatkere Major General S.G. Vombatkere retired as the Additional Director General, Discipline & Vigilance in Army HQ, New Delhi. He is Adjunct Associate Professor of the University of Iowa, USA, in international studies,… Continue Reading →

Gangsters and ‘Slaves’: The People Cleaning Up Fukushima

By Michael Okwu, Al Jazeera America 08 January 14   n the depths of Japan’s nuclear crisis in March 2011, a small band of workers at the Fukushima power plant stayed behind, stomaching daily doses of deadly radiation to bring… Continue Reading →

Eight Months, Ten Mishaps: A Look at Fukushima Errors

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 09:11 By Mari Yamaguchi, Japan Today | TOKYO — Workers overfill a tank, spilling radioactive water on the ground. Another mistakenly pushes a button, stalling a pump for a vital cooling system. Six others get soaked with toxic water when… Continue Reading →

Is Nuclear Power Compatible With Democracy? #mustread

Sajjad Hussain/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Activists protested against the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power plant in Maharashtra Posted: 10/02/2013 7:21 pm, Huffingtonpost When India‘s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrived in the U.S. last week, he reportedlycarried a generous gift: an unlimited number of… Continue Reading →

Fukushima farce reveals nuclear industry’s fatal flaw

Damian Carrington, The guardian Keeping the lid on costs when the task is to keep the lid on a slow motion atomic explosion is an impossible challenge Damian Carrington Wednesday 4 September 2013 theguardian.com http://www.theguardian.com/environment/damian-carrington-blog/2013/sep/04/fukushima-farce-nuclear-industry-flaw —- Once upon a time,… Continue Reading →

TEPCO sued over deaths of elderly patients during Fukushima evacuation

    June 11, 2013 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN, Noriko Abe is demanding answers over the death of her 98-year-old father-in-law who was forced to take a 230-kilometer bus trip lasting more than eight hours in the confusion following the Fukushima… Continue Reading →

#India – Anti-nuke activists urge PM not to sign Nuclear Agreement with Japan

By Newzfirst Bureau5/27/13 New Delhi – In the wake of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Japan, hundreds of people from across the globe have appealed him not to sign the India–Japan Nuclear Agreement. Singh will be visiting Tokyo… Continue Reading →

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