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CIA’s deadly Ruse – Murdered health workers and the return of Polio

  BY DANIEL HOUGENDOBLER In early 2011, a CIA-recruited Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, entered Osama Bin Laden’s compound posing as a Hepatitis B vaccination worker. His real intention was togather samples of the Bin Laden family’s DNA to aid the CIA in locating the… Continue Reading →

World Health Statistics 2013 show narrowing healthgap

  World Health Organization – May 2013 Available online at: http://bit.ly/12uJNUs “….15 May 2013 – The world has made dramatic progress in improving health in the poorest countries and narrowing the gaps between countries with the best and worst health status… Continue Reading →

Open Letter to the Board of the Swiss Press Club- Silencing Alternative Media and Insulting citizens

Below is the open letter sent to the Board of the Swiss Press Club, among others, to report on the censorship of alternative media and civil society by the Executive Director, Guy Mettan, on the occasion of a press conference… Continue Reading →

Global Health and Feminism

Feminism might be a taboo word within academic medicine, but it clearly has made an important contribution to global health By Richard Smith The Lancet, the leading journal for global health, has mentioned feminism only twice in its 189 years. The BMJ–British… Continue Reading →

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