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Millions Against Monsanto: Five Lessons From the Battle Against GMOs

        By Ronnie C ummins, Common Dreams 31 October 13   wenty years after the controversial introduction of unlabeled and untested genetically engineered foods and crops, opposition to GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Monsanto has created one… Continue Reading →

Protest- Millions march against Monsanto and GM crops

Organisers celebrate huge global turnout and say they will continue until Monsanto and other GM manufacturers listen Associated Press guardian.co.uk, Sunday 26 May 2013 01.26 BST Protesters make their point to Monsanto in Los Angeles, California, May 25, 2013. Photograph: Robyn… Continue Reading →

#India- Monsanto and the Seeds of Suicide

By Vandana Shiva, The Asian Age 27 March 13   Monsanto‘s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed where genetic engineering is a means to control seed   hese are the promises Monsanto India’s… Continue Reading →

Corporate Push for GMO Food Puts Independent Science in Jeopardy

by Vandana Shiva, Asian Age Dec 7.2012 Science is considered science when it is independent, when it has integrity and when it speaks the truth about its search. It was the integrity, independence and sovereignty of science that drew me and… Continue Reading →

Defeat Monsanto — Vote YES on Prop 37 #mustshare

15th October 2012 By Jack Adam Weber Contributing Writer for Wake Up World On November 6th this year all of us that despise GMOs and Monsanto will be waiting with bated breath for the outcome of one single proposition that, if passed, could topple the GMO empire… Continue Reading →

Monsanto’s Deep Roots In Washington

By Russ Choma   It’s planting season, which brings to mind one of the most ubiquitous names in agribusiness: Monsanto.  Love it or hate it — and there are plenty of people on either side — the company controls much of… Continue Reading →

The Seed Emergency: The Threat to Food and Democracy

Vandana Shiva Patenting seeds has led to a farming and food crisis – and huge profits for US biotechnology corporations. The seed is the first link in the food chain – and seed sovereignty is the foundation of food sovereignty…. Continue Reading →

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