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#India – Film debut at 92 #Sundayreading

Mirror tracks the making of the first 15-minute documentary on Mumbai‘s landmark Dadar Parsi Colony Reema Gehi Posted On Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 10:23:27 AM Joshi envisioned an agiary within the neighbourhood so that its Parsi residents wouldn’t have… Continue Reading →

#India #Mumbai- Armed men would come, pick women and rape them #VAW

Starved, herded and assaulted at State-run ‘shelter’ ‘Armed men would come, pick women and rape them…’ BY- Yogesh Sadhwani @timesgroup.com,  MM, Oct 29,2012 On Saturday, around 60 women housed in the Navjeevan Mahila Vastigruh in Mankhurd, a staterun shelter for women… Continue Reading →

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