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‘ We are Illegal ‘- A visit to the Solidarity Clinic in Greece

  IPHU-Thessaloniki on 26 November, 2013 In Greece, health insurance is linked to employment and 30% of the Greek population is unemployed. Today we visited the Solidarity Clinic, set up in response to the increasing number unable to access institutional healthcare… Continue Reading →

We are all canaries in the coal mine #mustread

  By- Brigitte Marti In December 2011 Swiss financial journalist Myret Zaki asked a group of economists a simple question, “Why now?  For example, you have all noticed that suddenly Greece was in crisis”. She noted that it was not because… Continue Reading →

How Austerity Kills the Public Health System

By DAVID STUCKLER and SANJAY BASU, NYT EARLY last month, a triple suicide was reported in the seaside town of Civitanova Marche, Italy. A married couple, Anna Maria Sopranzi, 68, and Romeo Dionisi, 62, had been struggling to live on her monthly pension of around… Continue Reading →

#Greece: Free speech faces abyss #FOE #FOS #Censorship #Media

The arrest of editor Kostas Vaxevanis for exposing alleged tax cheats is just the latest attack on free speech in Greece. Democracy itself is now in danger, say Asteris Masouras and Veroniki Krikoni UPDATE: Since this article was published, journalist… Continue Reading →

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