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Open letter on Harvard’s failure to properly address sexual assault on campus #Vaw

Sexual Assault: Our Harvard Can Do Better Posted: 04/24/2014  This post is an open letter written and co-signed by a group of over 150 Harvard alumni, including Nancy Lima Taylor, Kaveri Indira Ph.D, Kevin Shawn Hsu, and myself. In this letter,… Continue Reading →

What Is Striking In India Is The Indifference Of The Privileged- #Noamchomsky

At 84, Noam Chomsky remains the sharpest, most acute, most unrelenting critic of power, particularly American power. He speaks to Priyanka Borpujari about the evolution of protest; the disconnect between the misery he sees on the streets of Delhi and our elites’ chest-thumping pride;… Continue Reading →

Subramanian Swamy tweets ‘being gay is a mental disorder’ #WTFnews #Homophobia

Former cabinet minister and president of Janata Party Subramanian Swamy‘s anti-gay tweet attracts criticism 29 MAY 2013 | BY ANNA LEACH Indian politician Subramanian Swamy, the president of the Janata Party, wrote ‘Being gay is a mental disorder’ in a tweet on… Continue Reading →

#India – Why Salwa Judum was held Unconstitutional by Supreme Court

  Excerpts from NANDINI SUNDAR & ORS. VERSUS STATE OF CHATTISGARH   What is ominous, and forebodes grave danger to the security and unity of this nation, the welfare of all of our people, and the sanctity of our constitutional… Continue Reading →

Dear Sisters (and brothers ?) at Harvard #mustread #Vaw #justiceverma

FEBRUARY 20, 2013 tags: Harvard Task Force, Justice Verma Committee, katherine mayo by Nivedita Menon Letter from some Indian feminists to their siblings at Harvard We’re a group of Indian feminists and we are delighted to learn that the Harvard community – without doubt one of… Continue Reading →

Harvard to the rescue of Indian Feminists ! # womenrights #Vaw #mustshare

FEBRUARY 16, 2013 by Nivedita Menon Some good news for embattled and weary Indian feminists. All those endless submissions to the Verma Committee prepared and submitted, all those critiques of the Ordinance written and disseminated, all those street protests, all those… Continue Reading →

Free Online Harvard School of Public Health Course on Clinical Research

This year  Swati Piramal was elected to the Harvard Board of Overseers, a 350 year old governing board of Harvard University for a term of 6 years. She has been frequently asked how that would benefit her own country. She… Continue Reading →

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