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#JSANHRCPublicHearing – Medical Rights and Medical Wrongs #healthcare

MEDICAL RIGHTS, AND WRONGS By Lata Mishra, Mumbai Mirror |  The National Human Rights Commission is awarding compensation to patients whose care was botched. Perhaps the most vulnerable class of all, is made up of patients. In that moment of crisis—an accident,… Continue Reading →

Caught On Camera: For Bribes, Doctors Will Prescribe You Anything

All India | Reported by Sonal Mehrotra | Updated: August 12, 2014 Click to Expand & Play NDTV’s hidden camera expose proves that doctors blatantly violate guidelines in exchange for kickbacks from pharma firms New Delhi:  Why do doctors prescribe a branded drug when… Continue Reading →

Ambulance workers brave Gaza dangers #Gazaunderattack

Paramedics, emergency responders, and ambulance drivers in Gaza City face great risks as they tend to the injured. Mohammed OmerLast updated: 15 Jul 2014 11:26 Gaza City – Ibrahim Abuelkas is eight hours into his 24-hour shift, and every minute is filled… Continue Reading →

#Budget2014 – Health components of Union budget 2014-15

Compiled by Dr Anant Bhan’ HIV/AIDS drugs and diagnostic kits will be cheaper – Portable X-ray machines will be more expensive – Health budget 2014-15 Rs 30,145.00 cr; AIDS Control: 1,785 cr; AIIMS like inst 1,456 cr (Rupee figures via Vidya Krishnan… Continue Reading →

Will global polio eradication miss yet another deadline?

N. GOPAL RAJ The HinduThe target of year 2000 was not met, nor the two deadlines set after that, 2004 and then 2012. Photo: Nagara Gopal When the world embarked on polio eradication 26 years back, the goal was to… Continue Reading →

Do Drug Companies Make Drugs, or Money ? #healthcare

By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN  JUNE 2, 2014 9:05 PMWin McNamee/Getty ImagesAllergan is the maker of Botox.   “I just want to emphasize that this is an industry where it is composed of really great people, working to do good things for patients,… Continue Reading →

Delhi HC exempts four private hospitals from treating the poor for free #WTFnews

Delhi hospitals freed of poor Author(s): Jyotsna Singh  May 31, 2014 | F Delhi High Court exempts four private hospitals from treating the poor for free. Experts fear other hospitals will follow Batra hospital is one of the 43 private hospitals in Delhi that provide free treatment to… Continue Reading →

I Believe My Baby Thor Died of Health Care Politics

By Elizabeth Heineman WeNews guest author Sunday, March 30, 2014 Her son Thor’s death during a home birth was in part due to the tensions between midwives and hospitals in the United States, says Elizabeth Heineman in this excerpt from… Continue Reading →

How UID will kill Patient rights #Healthcare #Aadhaar

March 11, 2014, Kamayani Bali Mahabal aka Kracktivist             The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) identified health and health related development schemes as a “killer application” for UID in the form of a unique… Continue Reading →

Press Release- Campaign for Affordable Trastuzumab #healthcare

  Trastuzumab biosimilar launched but still priced out of reach for most patients New Delhi, 18 January 2014   The Campaign for Affordable Trastuzumab welcomes the announcement by Biocon of the release of CANMAb, a biosimilar of trastuzumab. CANMAb is… Continue Reading →

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