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Rajmohan Gandhi answers PM Modi’s question on why BR Ambedkar resigned in 1951

In his new book Understanding the Founding Fathers (Aleph), writer and historian Rajmohan Gandhi attempts to answer questions, such as: Would someone like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel have led India better than Jawaharlal Nehru did? Was Mohandas Gandhi a Hindu revivalist?… Continue Reading →

India: Historian D.N. Jha’s Reply to Arun Shourie

D.N. Jha’s Reply to Arun Shourie [A shorter version appears in the Indian Express of 9 July 2014 athttp://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/grist-to-the-reactionary-mill/.] I was amused to read ‘How History Was Made Up At Nalanda’ (28 June 2014, the Indian Express) by Arun Shourie,… Continue Reading →

Modi – Faking Numbers to Magnify Historical Distortions #Feku

Chaining 1,200 Years Our PM’s recalculation of how long Indians have been ‘slaves’ HASAN SUROOR Good lawyers and good historians have one thing in common: both are quick to spot the crucial small print that ordinary folk miss the significance… Continue Reading →

Gujarat schools textbooks claim Japan ‘launched a nuclear attack on US’ #WTFnews

It’s history, but not as we know it: By DARSHAN DESAI PUBLISHED: 22:24 GMT, 16 June 2014 | Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on October 30, 1948. Japan launched a nuclear attack on the United States during World War II.  A new country named… Continue Reading →

History of the date 26 for India

    26/1: Gujarat Earthquake 26/2: Godhra Train Burning 26/7: Mumbai Floods 26/11: Mumbai Terror Strikes 26/12: Tsunami   26/5: Modi as PM

Califia Feminists Took Education Out of Classrooms #womenrights

By Clark A. Pomerleau WeNews guest author Sunday, December 8, 2013 Launched in 1975, this group of Southern California feminists provided an alternative to mainstream academia’s attempts to tie feminism to university courses, focusing on community education, says Clark A…. Continue Reading →

Gujjus of the world, unite! And follow Modiji in a fantastic tour across India

ILLUSTRATION BY SORIT WHAT IF… For Seerji By The Sabarmati Gujjus of the world, unite! And follow Modiji in a fantastic tour across India. SABA NAQVI Charles Darwin may have convinced the world that human beings evolved from apes. But… Continue Reading →

NaMo’s mythology

  Jug Suraiya 12 November 2013, 10:17 PM IST       Can Narendra Modi legitimately lay claim to the political ideology of Sardar Patel, in whose honour he’s erecting a huge, 2,500-crore statue made of pieces of iron collected… Continue Reading →

#India- Not to miss: Modi sir’s history class #mustread #Feku #Namo

AKASH DEEP ASHOK NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 | Narendra Modi Scene: A group of impish-looking students are sitting in a class in session. The teacher is seated in a chair on a slightly-elevated podium and speaking to them. Modi: History is treacherous. At times,… Continue Reading →

#India – Modi Makes History and Facts be Damned #Namo #Feku

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Badri Raina’s ZSpace Page  Long years ago, at a cultural event in a European country, the then Indian Ambassador (let him not be named) introduced the modernist Hindi novelist and poet, Agyea (who also carried the… Continue Reading →

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