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Press Release- Narendra Modi what about actual policy about Farmers and Workers of Gujarat

ts PRESS RELEASE DATE: 20 May 2013      During ninth ‘Krishi Mahotsav of Gujarat’, Government of Gujarat, tried to fool farmers with false promises while during ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ they insulted Farm, Farming, Farmers, and Workers of Gujarat. We want clarification from “only… Continue Reading →

No Humans In Narendra Modi’s “Development”

By Mukul Dube 27 March, 2013 Countercurrents.org Narendra Modi of the RSS is an ambitious man who seems to want to become the prime minister of the country. His propaganda machine never speaks of the violence in 2002 in the… Continue Reading →

#India -The feeding frenzy of kleptocracy #mustread

P. SAINATH, The Hindu  F orbes has just added an “errata” to Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram’s budget speech. The Minister had found a mere 42,800 people in the country with a taxable income in excess of Rs.1 crore a year. Or… Continue Reading →

#NarendraModi attributes malnutrition partly to Gujaratis being largely vegetarian #WTFnews

by Venky Vembu Aug 29, 2012, First Post As Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi prepares for the State Assembly elections later this year, which he will likely use to pitchfork himself as a candidate for Prime Ministership, he perhaps knows that… Continue Reading →

“1000 steps” walk against Malnutrition, What an idea Sir ji ?

March 31, 2012, Kamayani Bali Mahabal The Prime Minister  Manmohan Singh has recognized the harsh reality of malnutrition in India by saying “India‘s “unacceptably high” levels of child malnutrition are a “national shame”. Our State women and child welfare minister … Continue Reading →

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