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Rapes will come down if people shun meat, alcohol: Swami Agnivesh #WTFnews

PTI | Apr 27, 2013, NEW DELHI: Rape cases will come down if people shun non-vegetarian food and alcohol, activist Swami Agnivesh said on Saturday. “We cannot stop a crime like rape by policing only…. I think rapes will come down significanlty if people stop eating… Continue Reading →

No Humans In Narendra Modi’s “Development”

By Mukul Dube 27 March, 2013 Countercurrents.org Narendra Modi of the RSS is an ambitious man who seems to want to become the prime minister of the country. His propaganda machine never speaks of the violence in 2002 in the… Continue Reading →

‘Revenge porn’ is about degrading women sexually and professionally #Vaw

What does it say about society that websites where angry men shame their ex-lovers are thriving? Jill Filipovic , guardian.co.uk, Monday 28 January 2013   Ex-lovers can now torment women online by posting naked photos of them and other personal information. Photograph: Robin… Continue Reading →

# India-Mental illness, choice and rights

October 20, 2012 Harsh Mander, The Hindu Until recently, the law treated persons with mental illness not as persons who deserve treatment and care, but as people who are vaguely dangerous. File Photo: S. James The Hindu Members of Disabled Rights… Continue Reading →

Open letter to CM by Sanjiv Bhatt- The full text

Dear Narendra Modi, You must have been apprised about the punishment meted out to your loyal lieutenants Dr. Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi, as well as the misguided foot-soldiers of misconceived Hindutva, who have now been condemned to spend a… Continue Reading →

Unravelling Religious Supremacism

By Robert Nolly The diversity of religions, each claiming to represent the Ultimate Truth, never ceases to amaze me. But, I have to say, this diversity also confuses me—often, to the point of terrific distress. Surely, if there is one… Continue Reading →

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