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Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir – #FreeHandwaraGirl #Vaw

#FreeHandwaraGirl  Since 12th April, a minor girl has been in illegal police custody because she was molested and the local people protested against this.  The child was forced to give a false testimony exonerating her molesters, the testimony was circulated… Continue Reading →

#India – Illegal arrest, detention, torture in custody, released without charge: IMPUNITY #WTFnews

30 October 2013   To The Chairman National Human Rights Commission Manav Adhikar Bhawan Block- C, GPO Complex, INA New Delhi- 110023   Respected Sir   Here I am informing you about an incident of illegal arrest, detention, custodial torture… Continue Reading →

#India – Campaigner for tribals detained under National Security Act #WTFnews

Manuvel Amalraj. DC | Pramila Krishnan |aug 17 Chennai: He is not yet as ‘famous’ as Binayak Sen but rights activist A Manuvel, barely 27, is already considered ‘dangerous’ to national security as the police have locked him under the National… Continue Reading →

PUCL State President Arrest and Remand–Letter to Authorities

PEOPLE’S UNION FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES- AP, (PUCL) #16-8-908/7, Malakpet X Road, Hyderabad-24 Fax /Tele. No.: 040-24414736, Mobile: 9440430263, 9396320723 President         Vice-President    General Secretary    Secreatries Treasurer Jaya Vindhyala.    Ch. Narendra        … Continue Reading →

Illegal arrest, detention, custodial torture by police of North 24 Parganas

30 July 2013   To The Chairman West Bengal Human Rights Commission Bhabani Bhaban Alipur Kolkata – 27   Respected Sir, I want to draw your attention on an incident of illegal arrest, Illegal detention, false implication in criminal charges and custodial torture committed upon the victim… Continue Reading →

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