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Celebrating freedom in the Republic of Fear

Independence Day brings with it the fear of renewed terrorist attacks. How did we come to live this way? Shivam Vij · Photo Credit: Prakash Singh/AFP The electronic chimes sound on the Delhi Police loudspeaker in almost every market, and the announcements… Continue Reading →

The rediscovery of India #Sundayreading

  GOPALKRISHNA GANDHI   The country today needs to reinvent itself through the ideals and dreams that drove the Independence movement Anniversaries chime, mime. Repeating the sounds and the sentiments of the original event, they are meant to echo. But,… Continue Reading →

#India – The Burning Train

By Satya Sagar 15 August, 2013 Countercurrents.org Over six decades ago Pandit Nehru, the country’s first Prime Minister, famously declared India’s ‘tryst with destiny’ and promised to make Independence a vehicle of future peace, prosperity and democratic rule for all… Continue Reading →

Independence Is A Myth

Talk: Osho Both dependence and independence are extremes. Reality is exactly in the middle; it is interdependence. Everything is interdependent. The smallest blade of grass and the biggest star, both are interdependent. This is the whole foundation of ecology. However,… Continue Reading →

When will Arshad Bhai get freedom ? A poem penned by Pakistani National in India

  एक और मुसाफिर ( अरशद पाकिस्तानी का गीत ) 1965 का वो साल था कानपुर का वो अस्पताल था जहाँ जन्म मेरा हुआ वो देश हिंदुस्तान था कुछ पल ही सही इस देश की आवो हवा पर हमारा भी अधिकार… Continue Reading →

Rajasthan’s move towards UAHC and JSA impact

After all the mull over initiating free medical tests/diagnostics in public health facilities in Rajasthan, the wait is finally over. While JSA Rajasthan has continuously been advocating and demanding free medical test at all govt. health institutions as an essential… Continue Reading →

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