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Impeach Blair: As Iraq burns, parliament should put this deluded liar on trial

Simon Heffer 18 June 2014. Tony Blair’s deceit over Iraq still contaminates British politics and continues to have the most shocking and lethal consequences. Time to lance this boil says Daily Mail’s Simon Heffer.   With allies of Al Qaeda… Continue Reading →

Fired for Standing in Way of Iraq War: Ousted Director of Nobel-Winning OPCW Speaks Out

Statements come as Norwegian Nobel Committee falls under criticism for caving to U.S. power – Sarah Lazare, staff writer, common dreams The former director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize,… Continue Reading →

Check out the American War- Music video #mustwatch

A 4-minute music video directed by KP Sasi and based on Kamaan Singh Dhami’s anti-war song “American War Paar Da! (Check Out the American War!).” It is a satirical and is a severe indictment of America’s role in escalating world… Continue Reading →

When war passes for foreign policy #Psainath

October 25, 2012 P. Sainath 25THWar In the last Obama-Romney debate, there was absolutely no mention of the financial costs, casualties and lessons from America’s military outings “Take the profit out of war,” said Kevin Zeese, one of the more… Continue Reading →

I Had to Tell the Truth About Iraq–Even Though it Cost Me My Career

Given what we left behind in Iraq, it remains beyond anyone, even the nasty men who started the war in 2003, to claim victory or accomplishment or achievement there. By Peter Van Buren, Alternet April 8, 2012 | To stay… Continue Reading →

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