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Water is being used as a war of weapon in Syria and Iraq #GazaUnderAttack

Gaza faces acute water crisis amid air strikes by Israel Vani Manocha  Water is being used as a war of weapon in countries like Syria and Iraq The ongoing air strikes by Israeli warplanes for more than a week now… Continue Reading →

Iraq & Syria conflict not Shia-Sunni clash; requires political solution: Muslim leaders

By TCN News, Mumbai, June 23: Prominent social, educational, religious and human rights Muslim NGOs, based in Mumbai, strongly condemn the human rights abuses and unchecked killing spree of innocent people in Iraq and Syria, whether it is by the… Continue Reading →

The deep roots beneath 1,000,000 dead Iraqis

Iraq continues to suffer the legacy of two decades of US military intervention and meddling, with little end in sight. Last Modified: 21 Oct 2013 Al Jazeera > Mark LeVine Mark LeVine is professor of Middle Eastern history at UC Irvine,… Continue Reading →

Iraq hangs 42 convicted on terrorism charges #deathpenalty #abolishDP

AP | Oct 11, 2013, Iraq has hanged 42 prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges, including a woman, the country’s justice ministry said. BAGHDAD: Iraq has hanged 42 prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges, including a woman, the justice ministry said on Thursday, in… Continue Reading →

Army’s Fingerprint and Iris Databases Head for the Cloud #Biometrics #UID #Aadhaar

BY SPENCER ACKERMAN,   A soldier scans an Afghan’s eye for placement in the U.S. military’s large wartime biometrics databases, March 2012.Photo: U.S. Army   The next time U.S. soldiers snap a picture of your eye or scan your face, they’re… Continue Reading →

Abdullah Ocalan: A Living Argument Against The #DeathPenalty

By N. Jayaram 26 April, 2013 Countercurrents.org It is not important that Time magazine featured Abdullah Ocalan in its latest annual list of “100 most influential people in the world”. Such lists are open to question. A list drawn up… Continue Reading →

“Hubris”: New Documentary Reexamines the Iraq War “Hoax”

      An MSNBC film, hosted by Rachel Maddow and based on Michael Isikoff and David Corn‘s book, finds new evidence that Bush scammed the nation into war.   By David Corn, bloomberg   February 16, 2013     … Continue Reading →

Revealed: US and Britain Launched 1,200 Drone Strikes in Recent Wars

Published on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism by Chris Woods and Alice K Ross An MQ-9 Reaper returns to Kandahar from an Afghan mission. (USAF/Tech Sgt Chad Chisholm)Recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq have seen… Continue Reading →

Check out the American War- Music video #mustwatch

A 4-minute music video directed by KP Sasi and based on Kamaan Singh Dhami’s anti-war song “American War Paar Da! (Check Out the American War!).” It is a satirical and is a severe indictment of America’s role in escalating world… Continue Reading →

When war passes for foreign policy #Psainath

October 25, 2012 P. Sainath 25THWar In the last Obama-Romney debate, there was absolutely no mention of the financial costs, casualties and lessons from America’s military outings “Take the profit out of war,” said Kevin Zeese, one of the more… Continue Reading →

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