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#India – After12 years NHRC finds time to meet Irom Sharmila, REALLY ?

TNN | Oct 24, 2013,\ IMPHAL: Twelve years after rights activist Irom Sharmila started a hunger strike seeking repeal ofArmed Forces (Special Powers) Act from Manipur, a team of National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) met her for the first time in the security ward of JN Hospital here on Wednesday.Sharmila, who is… Continue Reading →

‘Court kutcheri’ Rap for Irom Sharmila #Raptivism #Protest #AFSPA

NEW DELHI, May 23, 2013   Sowmiya Ashok Activists in support of Irom Sharmila hold a music satyagraha outside the Patiala house court complex in New Delhi on Wednesday. Photo: V.V.Krishnan TOPICS Failure of democracy in Manipur could spell doom for… Continue Reading →

Recording of evidence in case against Irom Sharmila pushed to 30 Aug #AFSPA #Vaw

May 22, 2013New Delhi: A Delhi court on Friday fixed 30 August for recording of prosecution evidence in a case against rights activist Irom Sharmila Chanu for allegedly attempting suicide during her fast-unto-death in New Delhi in 2006. The Manipuri activist… Continue Reading →

Indian Army –Magic Formula to have beautiful and successful daughters ? #WTFad #AFSPA #Kashmir #Manipur

Dear Indians Do you want a daughter ? No of course not, why will you want a girl child , she is such a burden and a son will only carry on the family name etc etc… blah blah. Oh… Continue Reading →

#Irom sharmila- Starving to live, not die #hungerstrike #AFSPA

March 30, 2013 , The Hindu Goutham Shivshankar Suhrith Parthasarathy TOPICS When the Supreme Court has recognised the right to go on hunger strike, why is Irom Sharmila’s protest against impunity of the armed forces a criminal act? Over the… Continue Reading →

Authorities in India must release #IromSharmila Chanu #AFSPA

by Amnesty International India (Notes) on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at 17:02 Indian authorities must immediately release Irom Sharmila Chanu – a protester on a prolonged hunger-strike – and drop all charges against her, Amnesty International said today.   Irom Sharmila has… Continue Reading →

Irom sharmila will not Adopt a Reconciliatory Position until the # AFSPA Is Repealed #Vaw

Irom Sharmila Chanu, who has been on a 12-year fast demanding the repeal of the AFSPA, was in Delhi on 4 March, where a Delhi court charged her with an attempt to commit suicide during her fast unto death at… Continue Reading →

This my people -Irom’s Manipur, Pazo Bibi’s Balochistan and Obama’s America

[ The Friday Times (Lahore), December 28 – January 03, 2012 – Vol. XXIV, No. 46 ; Frontier(web), 27 Nov 2012 ] By- Garga Chatterjea The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity, but… Continue Reading →

#India-Towards a Decisive Victory in the Historic Battle for Women’s Rights

ML Update Editorial The 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim finally succumbed to her injuries on 29 December morning after battling on bravely for 13 days. The unknown young woman will go down in history as one of India’s most memorable martyrs… Continue Reading →

#India- Long Live The Iron Lady Of Manipur- #Irom Sharmila

  By Asis Mishra 27 October, 2012 Countercurrents.org Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign is observing 12 Article series to reflect 12 years of suppression of Irom Sharmila’s fast. Irom Sharmila is completing her 12 years of fast on 5th November. This… Continue Reading →

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