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Shia man wanting to donate body stumped by family and clerics

Mohammed Wajihuddin,TNN | Aug 15, 2014, 01.25 AM IST “When I turned 72 in 2002, I brought a donation form from J J Hospital. It demanded consent from immediate survivors. Since my wife had passed away by then, I asked my three… Continue Reading →

Madras HC – Hindu converted to Islam doesn’t lose backward class status

Apr 10, 2014, 05.01AM IST TNN[ A Subramani ]   CHENNAI: The Madras high court has ordered the Tamil Nadu government to instruct its officials to issue backward class (BC) community certificates to people who embrace Islam, categorically saying that a BC member… Continue Reading →

#India – 17-year-old girl escapes forced 6th marriage in Hyderabad #Vaw #WTFnews

Saturday, February 22, 2014 – 07:25 IST | Place: Hyderabad | Agency: DNA   Poor Muslim girls are being sold off in the name of marriage to wealthy and aged Arab Sheikhs in Hyderabad. Last Monday, a 17-year-old girl approached… Continue Reading →

Islam Will Not Teach My Son That Wife Beating’s OK

By Ranya Tabari Idliby WeNews guest author Sunday, February 2, 2014 One of the Quran‘s most controversial verses, Ranya Tabari Idliby was horrified to discover, was being taught to her American Muslim son. In this excerpt from “Burqas, Baseball and… Continue Reading →

आदाब ख़तरे में है, अब ख़ुदा हाफ़िज़ का अल्लाह हाफ़िज़ ! #Sundayreading

आदाब ख़तरे में है, अब ख़ुदा हाफ़िज़ का अल्लाह हाफ़िज़ !!! हर युग में पैसेवाले लोग अपने विचार समाज पर थोपते आये हैं. जिनके बाप दादा मांसाहारी थे वे अचानक शाकाहारी हो गए हैं, क्योंकि टीवी के माध्यम से बाबाजी… Continue Reading →

Jihad – In search of Prophetic Islam #bookreview

A. FAIZUR RAHMAN, The Hindu , Dec 23, 2013 Special ArrangementJIHAD AND OTHER ESSAYS: Asghar Ali Engineer; Pub. by The Book People, an imprint of Olive, East Nadakkavu, Kozhikode-673011. Rs. 595. Muslim orthodoxy has always claimed Islam to be one… Continue Reading →

Why Chetan Bhagat shouldn’t speak for Indian Muslims

Though written in the voice of an Indian Muslim, the author’s take is in fact the standard response of the textbook majoritarian Prayaag Akbar  First Published: Mon, Jul 01 2013.T Jama Masjid during Ramzaan. Chetan Bhagat postitions himself as a young… Continue Reading →

Two Faced Subramaniam Swamy #Hatespeech

Mr. Subramanian Swamy‘s Venom spitting speech   Mr. Subramanian Swamy’s wife is a PARSI, his daughter married to a MUSLIM, another member married a CHRISTIAN, and another married to a JEW. Why then is he threatening both Muslims and Christians…. Continue Reading →

Crusader against communalism

Published: May 15, 2013 02:31 IST | Updated: May 15, 2013 02:31 IST ASGHAR ALI ENGINEER 1939 – 2013 Meena Menon   The Hindu Asghar Ali Engineer. All his life he tirelessly worked for interfaith peace and harmony and religious reform… Continue Reading →

Asghar Ali Engineer: Simple, fearless, straight from the heart

May 14, 2013 Renowned Islamic scholar Asghar Ali Engineer, who passed away in Mumbai [ Images ] on Tuesday , was opposed to all forms of religious bigotry including by the clergy of his own faith. For opposing the Syedna, spiritual of… Continue Reading →

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